Today's News

  • Movie being filmed in Las Vegas

    The film industry in New Mexico is creating new jobs and new careers; one that you may not have heard of is the job of set medic.

    Brian G. Lax is a set medic, currently on the set of “Brothers,” being filmed in Las Vegas.

    Lax, a Canadian immigrant, has worked in the paramedic field for 16 years. Lax attended the United World College of the American West and worked for Rocky Mountain Ambulance in Las Vegas for several years. A year and a half ago, he heard about New Mexico’s growing film industry and took a position as set medic.

  • County prepares road maintenance plan

    San Miguel County is awaiting the completion of a road maintenance plan, but one official advises the county to consult with public works crews in the process.

    The plan is expected to go before the commission for consideration in January.

    “The guys running the blades have a better idea of the roads than I do,” County Commission Chairman Hugh Ley said at last week’s commission’s meeting.

  • ACLU questions school search

    A top West Las Vegas school district official maintains that the schools have a right to conduct widespread searches of students’ backpacks and other belongings.

    That’s not so, argues the New Mexico affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union.

    At issue is the lockdown of West Las Vegas High School on Wednesday morning after school officials discovered vandalism in a boys restroom. Administrators went classroom by classroom to look for a special marker believed to have been used in the vandalism.

  • West bus drivers are seen with cell phones

    The West Las Vegas school board is addressing issues such as bus drivers using cell phones and bullies, among other problems.

    Superintendent Jim Abreu and the school board said during a meeting this week that they were concerned about bus drivers talking on cell phones while driving students.

    Abreu said the state Public Education Department doesn’t have jurisdiction over a districts’ decisions to write policies on such matters.

  • School board agrees to sell notes for technology

    The Las Vegas City Schools board on Thursday approved the sale of notes to support educational technology in the schools, with officials assuring that the decision would have no effect on taxes.

    The board unanimously gave the go-ahead for the sale of $300,000 in notes to the Bank of Las Vegas. The notes will be paid off through an existing property tax; the $300,000 in notes is a replacement of older notes.

  • Students celebrate holidays

    It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas as local school kids sing old-time favorites like “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” and “Christmas is a Time to Love.”

    Students from Mike “Mateo” Sena, Don Cecilio Martinez and Sierra Vista elementary schools held their Christmas programs Thursday entertaining parents, relatives and friends with song and dance numbers.

  • West locked down after graffiti found

    West Las Vegas High School went in lockdown mode for awhile Wednesday morning after school officials discovered freshly drawn graffiti in one of the restrooms.

    Superintendent Jim Abreu said the officials found it right after school started in the morning. He said Principal Gene Parson aimed to show that the school wouldn’t tolerate graffiti and that he wanted to “nip it in the bud.”

  • Highlands argues for watering golf course

    State Environment Department officials are recommending that Highlands University be allowed to irrigate its golf course with treated wastewater, despite the school’s violations of its previous temporary permits.

  • Cooperative proposal shot down

    Members of a northeastern New Mexico utility board wanted to keep the same number of members. The customers’ response: No way.

    The Mora-San Miguel Electric Cooperative held an election Wednesday on whether to keep the Board of Trustees at 11 members. A total of 649 customers rejected that idea, while 159 agreed.

  • County takes over emergency office

    For years, the city of Las Vegas has run the city-county emergency office of management.

    Now, the county is taking over the joint office, which coordinates responses to emergencies.

    The San Miguel County Commission this week voted to assume the responsibility, and Dennis English, the county’s safety coordinator, is likely to head the office.

    English, who previously worked for the Las Vegas Police Department, is expected to take the reins from city police Lt. Eugene Garcia, who has been the office’s coordinator.