Today's News

  • New Town theater closed, didn't get business license

    Nothing appears to have changed much at Las Vegas SERF Theatre since the New Mexico premiere of “No Country for Old Men” back in November. Even the sign remains unchanged, heralding the coming of an event now long over.

    The SERF Theatre, which reopened briefly under the management of local entrepreneur Chris Lopez, once again stands idle.

  • Highlands to set up corporation

    Highlands University is establishing a corporation to market products patented by faculty.

    The school’s Board of Regents approved the corporation under the University Research Park Act at its meeting last week.

    Regent Chairman Javier Gonzales said, “The importance of the Research Park Act is that we actually have faculty on staff that have developed patents that can currently be used to market out to the general public and through that marketing and the use of those patents revenues can be generated for the university.”

  • Cooking for family

    “I like to think of my customers first,” is a statement that often comes out of business owner’s mouths, yet few actually practice it. Raising prices, competition, and a high employee turnover are common in the restaurant world. What happened to focusing on the food?

  • Materials moved from Center Block

    Want bricks? The owner of the collapsed Center Block building has many for sale.

    It’s been 16 months since the building fell down and much of the rubble remains, but since November, people have been slowly moving bricks and other debris from the property.

    The owner, Bob Dalton, said he has agreed to sell bricks and give wood to dozens of people. Residents have been loading up their trucks with the materials, and they appear to be making a dent.

  • Being a senior

    I never imagined that this was what it would be like to be a senior. I spent all of my high school years waiting for this to come.

    When I was a freshman, I looked up to the seniors as if they were so old, but now I look at myself and I’m not that old at all. When I had to go to school to take some standardized test while the seniors stayed at home sleeping, I couldn’t wait till that would be me. And now it is. Next week, while sophomores are taking the Competency Exam, I’ll be sleeping in. Ha!

  • No change to teen's murder sentence

    Because of a procedural problem, the defense attorney for a teenager convicted of killing another won the right for his client to have another sentencing hearing.

    As it turned out, Eloy Trujillo, 18, last week got the same sentence as he did the first time — 7-1/2 years in state prison for the April 2006 killing of 18-year-old Anthony Maes during an alleyway fight near Robertson High School, prosecutors said.

  • Love and sugar from El Salvador

    Beatriz Gibbs travels in early morning darkness, in the bitter winter cold, to open the doors to the kitchen of bakery.

  • A night at the silent movies

    Filmmaker Romaine Fielding fell in love with New Mexico’s endless sky, with her territorial bustle. At the turn of the last century, residents of Las Vegas reported seeing him roam the dusty Plaza dressed in an expensive wool coat, his mustache carefully clipped and waxed, the epitome of Hollywood glamour. Fielding wrote and directed some of the first movie Westerns, some of them filmed in San Miguel County.

  • College making progress with state

    Luna Community College is making much progress in getting money from the state government for general operations and capital improvements, officials said this week.

  • Veterans building to be named after Las Vegan

    The planned veterans service building will be named in honor of a lieutenant colonel who flew 246 combat missions in World War II, Korea and Vietnam.

    Miguel Encinias, a Las Vegan who now lives in Albuquerque, was shot down, wounded and taken prisoner in World War II. He also was shot down in Korea, rescued by a helicopter and returned to duty.

    Gary Ludi, a member of the committee planning the building, recommended the City Council last week name the building in honor of Encinias.