Today's News

  • Hopeful pushes green causes

    Congressional candidate Don Wiviott drives what he preaches.

    The Santa Fe developer is touring northern New Mexico in a big hybrid van with his name and picture, but it also represents one of his key themes: making environmental technologies available to all. When the weather warms, his van will be able to run on cooking grease.

  • Murder suspect seeks lower charges

    The attorney for a woman accused in the dragging death of an 86-year-old man is asking District Court to lower her charges.

    Jessie Livingston, 23, of Las Vegas and Dolores Salazar, 18, of Albuquerque and formerly of Las Vegas, were charged in the June killing of Jose Apodaca, a former postmaster and veteran of three wars. He died June 24 after three days in intensive care at the University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque.

    The women were charged with first-degree murder, vehicular homicide and robbery in connection with Apodaca’s death.

  • Bill includes money for area projects

    The state Senate has approved millions of dollars worth of construction projects across this area, state Sen. Pete Campos, D-Las Vegas, said Friday in a statement.

    The projects were contained in Senate Bill 471, which was approved by the Senate on Friday. The bill appropriates a total of $348 million for projects across New Mexico.

    The legislation includes:

    • $3 million for the Las Vegas State Police District Office;

    • $2 million for the New Mexico Behavioral Health Institute;

  • Program distributes free books

    A local program handed out free books to kindergartners and first-graders at Armijo Elementary School last week.

    Mary Jo Archibeque, West Las Vegas’ associate superintendent for instruction, said, “The value of this is to make sure children have books in their homes. A lot of these kids don’t have books at home. That isn’t a priority, and I think by giving them books and putting books in the homes, they will be more interested in reading.”

  • Students get questions answered

    Many pressing questions What kind of music do dogs like? Which fruit contains the most seeds? Which is better for watering plants, Kool-Aid or water? were answered by seventh-graders from Memorial Middle School at Thursdays annual science fair.

    Cyrena Ridgeway said dogs definitely prefer chamber music to rock-n-roll. Kenneth Santistevan meticulously counted seeds from various fruits, and the kiwi far out paced its fellow fruits in the seed count. And Jason Salazar determined that water is better for plants than Kool Aid.

  • Hearing for ex-Mora sheriff's deputy delayed

    A former Mora County sheriff’s deputy accused of rape and receiving a bribe still has yet to go to trial, and another hearing in the matter was delayed Thursday.

    In the summer of 2006, Lucas Marquez, 31, was on duty when he was called to respond to a domestic disturbance at a woman’s Guadalupita home, officials said. The woman’s boyfriend had already left when Marquez arrived. The victim reported to state police later that Marquez gave her a choice: Either go to jail or perform a sex act on Marquez, officials said. She agreed to the sex act.

  • Officials defend cops on campus

    City officials this week defended a proposal to place officers in the schools, but they said it’s not a city priority for funding from the Legislature.

    Members of the Las Vegas Youth Commission, a city entity, earlier this week questioned whether the community should have armed officers in the schools.

    The city police have received the backing of the Las Vegas City Schools and West Las Vegas boards for a schools program that would consist of one armed officer and six unarmed resource officers for each district, with a community-wide coordinator overseeing them.

  • Repeat DWI offender missing

    A man accused of sex crimes and his ninth DWI is missing, violating the conditions of his release, officials said Thursday.

    Jose Leroy Valdez, 50, of Las Vegas was in the county jail, but District Judge Abigail Aragon approved conditions of release in which Valdez could go to Alta Vista Regional Hospital for treatment of liver failure, said jail Major Johnny Lujan. Valdez was supposed to report back to the jail when his treatment ended.

  • Mutilated dog discovered

    The carcass of a mutilated dog was discovered in back of the Vital Arts building at 423 Grand Ave.

    The body of the dog was left next to a roll-out garbage can, wrapped in clear plastic. Its jaw was broken, and its achilles tendons had been severed so that it could not run. Its ears, tail and genitals had been cut off. And it had been skinned meticulously. It was found around 2 p.m. Monday.

    The only skin or fur left on the dog was that on the paws. The head was skinned completely bare, skin removed even from the area of the mouth, nose and eyes.

  • City Manager Avila leaving

    City Manager John Avila is leaving the city soon, but the circumstances surrounding his pending departure are unclear.

    Mayor Henry Sanchez announced at the City Council’s regular meeting Wednesday that Avila would stay through the March 4 municipal election and the search for a replacement. This morning, however, the mayor said Avila would stay only through Feb. 22.