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  • The Song of Jonah

    The Song of Jonah

    by Gene Guerin

    University of New Mexico Press, 2008

    ISBN 978-0-8263-4336-9

    $18.95 paperback

    232 pp.

    ‘A mixed and unsettling atmosphere colored the rest of the day. The procession after Mass, with the santo carried on its pallet along a path lit by kindling fires that snapped and spit resin, was for some a triumphal parade. For others it was a slow, solemn march with funereal undertones.” (p. 163)

  • Councilman: Employees have phobia

    City Councilman Cruz Roybal contends that city employees are developing a phobia of talking to elected officials.

    “I used to freely talk with employees. Now people are afraid of council members,” Roybal said at this week’s council meeting. “How can we not allow people to talk with me?”

    He said that while a gag order may have been imposed on city employees, that won’t stop him from talking with people he has known for much of his life.

    “We are family here, vecinos, primos. That’s our culture,” he said.

  • Getting the credit(s) you deserve, part 2

    In part 1 of this article , I outlined the available federal and state tax credits and the incentives PNM has to offer Las Vegans who install a PV/solar electric system. Now we will look at two specific examples to see how the costs and benefits actually play out.

  • Dreams

    All my life, I’ve always had very vivid, realistic dreams. The oldest dream I can remember is one from when I was 4 or 5.

    In my dream, I was walking down the street with my friend and her mom. We saw two people walk into an elevator, smiling and waving at us as the door closed.

  • LV bodybuilder targets Mr. New Mexico title

    Grueling twice-a-day workouts, including two hours of exhausting cardiovascular exercise and an hour of heavy-duty weightlifting, aren’t easy.

    But the most difficult aspect of training for a bodybuilding contest? To Larry Gonzales, it’s the diet.

    “That’s the hardest part,” he said, shaking his head and grinning.

  • Lee roundabout called 'hideous'

    Residents on Lee Drive wanted traffic to slow down on their street, and the city put a roundabout on Lee at Kierig Street as a result.

    But some aren’t happy with the finished product, which has resulted in a bunch of yield, wrong-way, one-way and pedestrian signs in a small area.

    Councilwoman Diane Moore, who represents the neighborhood, noted at this week’s council meeting that there are 15 signs at the roundabout. Actually, there’s 16, but one of them is down.

  • Candidate takes heat for last-minute cancellation

    The state’s chamber of commerce is taking heat for canceling a forum at the last minute after one of the congressional candidates decided against showing up.

    For more than a month, the Association of Commerce and Industry and the Clovis-Curry County Chamber of Commerce had planned a candidate forum for northern New Mexico’s four congressional candidates, Democrat Ben Ray Lujan, Republican Dan East and two independents, Carol Miller and Ron Simmons.

  • Leave no dentist behind

    A high school play, “The Perfect Idiot,” deals with an extremely bright senior who misses all 100 items on a true-false test.

    How’d he manage that? Statistical probability dictates that anyone who simply checks off every answer as “true” or every one as “false” is bound to score around 50 percent. In order to earn a perfect zero (or perfect hundred), the student obviously needs to know all the answers.

    But does anybody have all the answers? Or, perhaps more appropriately, “Does anyone even know the questions?”

  • Auditor suggests review of fee

    The city of Las Vegas is moving forward to carry out the suggestions of state Auditor Hector Balderas in the wake of the audit earlier this year critical of the city’s natural gas billing, officials say.

  • It's

    Just a few more days and the world as we know it is about to change. Just a few more days and some high school seniors will never again look at themselves in the same manner. Just a few more days and the class of 2009 will start its final journey of high school life.

    Can you believe it? At long last you can finally be called the kings and queens of your high school. Just wait; May will be here before you know it. Graduation is only nine and a half months away. Time to start filling out those college application papers and start looking into which college you want to attend.