Today's News

  • Woman loses everything in blaze, praises firefighters

    Lily Moser had been smelling smoke for a little while Saturday night at her apartment on Douglas Avenue, but she didn’t think much of it.

    But then she noticed a “bright light” in one of her window. She looked out and saw flames catching from a next-door house to her apartment on the second floor of her building.

    She knew she had to act quickly.

    “I ran out of the house and grabbed my cat. I didn’t take anything else,” said Moser, who works at Spic and Span restaurant. “I called 911.”

  • Mora County man found dead in truck

    A Mora County man was found dead last week in his truck, which was stuck near a river near Watrous.

    Marvin Montao, 46, had been missing for a couple of days, although no one had reported him as such to authorities, state police said.

    “The truck got stuck in the mud, and he was trying to dig it out. He exhausted himself and got in the truck and died,” state police Lt. Craig Martin said.

    Montao was working at a ranch.

  • Man is killed in accident

    A local man was killed last week when his car rolled over several times on Las Vegas’ south exit on Interstate 25, state police said.

    Jacob Romero, 22, died as a result of injuries he suffered after he was ejected from his car, police said. The accident happened around 2:15 a.m. Wednesday.

    State police said they found open containers of alcohol in his car, and they believe alcohol was a contributing factor in the accident.

    State police Lt. Craig Martin said Romero was apparently traveling at a high rate of speed before the accident happened.

  • Ex-mayor: We were misled

    In October 2004, local and federal officials gathered for the presentation of a blown-up check of $650,000 to pay for the Las Vegas housing authority’s demolition of a subdivision.

    At the time, city officials said they expected to get HUD money to build units to replace the demolished ones.

    At the check presentation, everyone posed for the camera to mark the moment.

    Their smiles faded soon after.

  • Tuesday's election includes very few contested races

    Las Vegas’ polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday for local, state and federal elections.

    Perhaps the most-watched local race is that between Democratic incumbent Richard Vigil and Republican Mel Root for the District 70 seat on the state representatives. But Vigil, as is the case with every other Democrat in a contested race Tuesday, is favored in heavily Democratic northern New Mexico.

    District 68 state Rep. Thomas Garcia is facing Republican Sylvia Olson, but it appears as if Olson hasn’t made any effort in her campaign at all.

  • Woman dies in house fire

    A fire at a house at Douglas Avenue and 12th Street on Saturday night left one woman dead, officials said this morning. The cause is believed to be arson.

    Authorities didn’t identify the woman or say whether they have any suspects.

    The Las Vegas Fire department responded to the fire around 10 p.m. Saturday at a two-story house at 1110 Douglas and almost immediately called all off-duty firefighters, Fire Chief Steve Tafoya said. The firefighters discovered a stairwell engulfed in flames; it then collapsed, Tafoya said.

  • Mayor becomes a Democrat

    Las Vegas Mayor Tony Marquez has decided to become what the great majority of local voters already are — Democrat.

    In a ceremony Sunday, Marquez, a longtime Republican, signed a voter registration to change his party affiliation to Democratic. Lt. Gov. Diane Denish was in attendance.

    “I’ve been thinking about this for a long time,” Marquez said this morning. “I thought yesterday was the right time for it. I’ve been moved by the campaign of Barack Obama.”

  • Officials say new policy is more fair

    A new city policy for budget billing brings more fairness to local utility customers, officials say.

    Last week, the City Council approved a budget billing policy that will be offered to all customers. Previously, it was offered to homeowners, not renters.

    Budget billing allows people to average their last 12 monthly utility bills so that they can pay the same amount each month. This avoids the impact of the huge natural gas bills during the winter.

  • Thousands cast votes

    As of Thursday, 3,126 people in San Miguel County had cast early votes for Tuesday’s election. A total of 2,408 absentee ballots had been requested.

    In the 2004 presidential election, of the 12,832 votes cast, 4,346 were early and 1,670 absentee.

    County Clerk Paul Maez expects as many early votes in this election as there were four years ago.

    He said many people will likely cast their early votes in the last two days — Friday and Saturday — at the county clerk’s office and the alternate site, the San Miguel Senior Center in the Valley.

  • Agency takes over senior centers

    The new agency running the senior centers in San Miguel County says it wants to improve services.

    The agency, SER de New Mexico, is responsible for meals at the senior centers, delivering meals to the homebound and providing transportation services. As of Sept. 15, the organization runs the centers in Las Vegas, Pecos and the village of San Miguel.

    Representatives of SER, a nonprofit group, met with Las Vegas seniors Wednesday to find out about what they want out of the senior center.