Today's News

  • Jail Log, Sunday's Optic, May 27, 2018

    The following individuals were booked into the San Miguel County Detention Center between May 16 and May 23, 2018:

    Robert Clarke, Bench Warrant, Failure to appear / Failure to Pay.

    Rita E. Sandoval, Bench Warrant, Fta/Ftp.

    Lazarus Shawn Fahey, Bench Warrant, Fta/Ftp.

    Angela J. Padilla, Two Bench Warrants, Fta/Ftp.

    John Paul Chavez, Bench Warrant, Fta/Ftp.

    Christopher J. Salazar, Bench Warrant, Fta/Ftp.

    John F. Salazar, Felony Possession Of A Controlled Substance.

  • Cowgirls seventh in NCAA outdoor nationals

    The Highlands Cowgirls landed two third-place medals along with two fourths and one fifth in this past weekend’s NCAA Division II outdoor track and field championships held in Charlotte, N.C. The team, coached by Bob DeVries and his assistants, placed seventh as a team in the national meet with 26 points.

  • Man arrested for attempted murder

    A man was recently arrested on charges of attempted murder, shooting at or from a vehicle and two counts of child abuse after Las Vegas Police say he recently ambushed a couple pulling up to a home on Dalbey Drive.

  • Mass before Sunday movies

    A sprightly nonagenarian who just recently turned 95 has many interesting stories about her life as a mother of several, a schoolteacher and a hard worker who was never above performing menial tasks to support her family.

    But to be complete, this story about Isabelita Benavidez needs to begin in the days of one-room schoolhouses, cars that were guaranteed to have blowouts, and times when a nickel or dime allowed people to buy things.

  • Primary Election letter deadline

    Letters addressing candidates for any New Mexico office in the June 5 primary election must be received by the Optic by Wednesday, May 30, 5 p.m.

    Letters received after this time will be published after the June 5 election.

  • The ultimate sacrifice for our country

    By Rick Kraft

    What more valuable do you have to give than your life? What would you allow your child to risk his or her life for? There are some things in this world that really cause me to struggle emotionally. One will be recognized tomorrow.

    Memorial Day is a Federal holiday to remember the people who died while serving in our country’s armed forces. It came into existence by Federal law in 1967 and was set to occur on the last Monday in May by Congress in 1968. Over one million men and women have given their lives for our country.

  • We need more Constitutional amendments

    It’s common these days to invoke the U.S. Constitution — including its amendments — and even the intent of the “founding fathers” as rationale for why certain provisions of law should be changed or upheld.

    The digital age allows for easy research of what has actually been written by scholars and our most revered early leaders on various subjects.

  • Yes, absolutely, Girls Can! in Las Vegas

    By Beth Urech

    When you were 10, did you know what you wanted to be when you grew up? Now, 117 fifth graders have a clearer idea of the possibilities awaiting them, thanks to Girls Can! sponsored by American Association of University Women.

    On May 17, school buses poured out both smiling and shy looking girls from Sapello, Union, Sierra Vista, Don Cecilio, Mike Mateo Sena, Tony Serna and Valley schools.

  • Do Palestinian lives matter?

    By Bob Pearson

    As of May 17, the Israeli Defense Forces, operating at the 1949 armistice line between Israel and Gaza, have killed over 100 Palestinians and injured many thousands.

    This was the Israeli response to largely nonviolent protests marking the 50th anniversary of the Nakba, the “catastrophe,” when Palestinians were driven from their homes and land.  

    The demonstrations also protested the intolerable living conditions imposed by Israel’s blockade for the last 11 years.

  • Alumnus, longtime educator appointed as regent

    By Sean Weaver, N.M. Highlands University

    Dan Padilla knows how Highlands University transforms lives. He is living proof.

    “It’s enriched me in the knowledge that there’s a lot out there for anyone who has a dream or desire to do something,” said Padilla, whom Gov. Susana Martinez named as a recess appointment to the Highlands Board of Regents.

    “Attending Highlands impacted my life, defined who I am, and has inspired me to impact kids to continue their education.”