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  • Dispatch New Mexico - Labor in the U.S.A

    Blue collar, white collar, it doesn’t matter. They’re both collars.

    I’m referring, of course, to the workplace, where so many of us are little more than dogs on a leash, going only as far as our masters will let us, digging holes in the yard to bury the bones they throw us.

    Of course, that’s a pretty dark perspective on labor in the U.S.A., but it’s the way a lot of people view their jobs. And while it’s unfortunate, it’s also understandable, given the state of working for a living nowadays.

  • Stay hungry - Champion Cardinals look to keep focused

    Becoming a champion is tough enough. Staying a champion may be even tougher.

    The Robertson Cardinals, who begin their quest for a repeat on Friday night vs. Portales, are learning that this fall.

    “We’re not going to sneak up on people this year,” said RHS head coach Leroy Gonzalez. “(But) we’re not going to lose because we didn’t work hard.”

  • New system, new hope for Dons

    It’s not always easy for football players to buy into a new coach’s way of running things, especially when there’s been a history of turnover on the staff.

    But at West Las Vegas, Adrian Gonzales encountered plenty of positive vibes when he took over the team, and it’s not simply because he’s an alumnus of the green and gold.

    “There was already a sense of excitement even before I got hired,” he said. “Being that we’re in the same town, the kids were familiar with what we’ve done.”

  • Looking ahead - Sports - Sept. 1, 2014

    • Albuquerque Isotopes vs. Las Vegas 51s, (season finale), 1:35 p.m., Isotopes Park, Albuquerque
    • Bean Day Rodeo, Wagon Mound

  • Poor results for LV teachers

    The results are in, and they’re not pretty.

    Data provided to state lawmakers Wednesday during a joint meeting of the Legislative Finance Committee and Legislative Education Study Committee reveal that Las Vegas teachers performed poorly in the recently revamped teacher evaluation system.

    Statewide, three-fourths of New Mexico’s teachers were rated as effective or better. Las Vegas teachers didn’t come close to reaching that percentage.

  • Senior profile - Ruth Fort

    By Lupita Gonzales
    For the Optic

    Imagine the verve (in the sense of animation) which has characterized this amazing individual who began life in rural Pennsylvania 91 years ago and has followed her dreams of serving humankind!

    Such is the combined ingenuity and devotion to her dream that brought Ruth McFate Fort to Northern New Mexico.

  • Lovato trial set for September

    The Las Vegas teen charged in the fatal April 2013 crash that left two girls dead is set to go on trial on Sept. 15 in state District Court in Las Vegas.

    Wayne Lovato, 19, was just days away from his 18th birthday when the rollover occurred on the morning of April 6, 2013. He has been charged as a youthful offender, which means that if he is convicted, he could face up to 72-1/2 years in prison.

  • Bean Day, Millfest on tap for weekend

    Mora County will be buzzing with activity this Labor Day weekend. In the eastern part of the county, the 104th Bean Day celebration will take place in Wagon Mound starting Friday evening and ending Monday afternoon. Cleveland Roller Mill Museum will once again host their annual Cleveland Millfest on Saturday and Sunday, just north of Mora. Both events are open to the public and feature many activities for the whole family.

  • FYI - Aug. 29

    State police will be conducting DWI checkpoints in San Miguel and Mora counties during the Labor Day weekend. State police will also be conducting multiple DWI saturation patrols, random driver’s license and registration checkpoints as well as speed enforcement and occupant restraint enforcement projects. Several of these efforts will be focused around the Bean Day activities in Wagon Mound.

  • Survey: Increase in Piñon, Juniper

    The Associated Press

    Good news for pine nut lovers. Not so good for allergy sufferers.

    A five-year inventory of New Mexico’s forested lands shows positive growth rates among the state’s most important piñon and juniper species. However, other trees in the drought-stricken state have struggled more in recent years.