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  • It's a wrap
  • Montaño wins big

    Christian Montaño, who has served as Las Vegas’ police chief for the past four years, will be moving from a 22-year career in law enforcement to the judiciary starting Jan. 1.

    San Miguel County voters overwhelmingly selected Montaño, 44, in the race for magistrate judge, Division 1, in Tuesday’s general election. The Democratic candidate garnered 5,632 votes (72.8 percent) compared to 2,102 votes (27.2 percent) for the incumbent, Republican Eddy Gallegos, 57.

  • Election returns at a glance

    Returns at a glance
    Totals based on unofficial results


    Allen Weh
    178,763  45%

    Tom Udall√
    215,225  55%

    1,089 of 1,487 precincts


    Jefferson Byrd
    50,352  39%

    Ben R. Luján√
    78,865  61%

    392 of 519 precincts reporting


  • Martinez elected to 2nd term

    By The Associated Press and Optic Staff

    New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez rolled to a second term Tuesday, furthering her national reputation as a Republican who can appeal to Hispanics and voters who cross party lines.

    “En America, todo es posible, (In America, everything is possible)” the governor said in her victory speech Tuesday night.

    Also emerging victorious were Sen. Tom Udall and Congressman Ben Ray Luján. Wagon Mound native Hector Balderas also won in the race for Attorney General.

  • Judge: Parts of Mora law unconstitutional

    ALBUQUERQUE — A federal judge said Monday that portions of Mora County’s community rights ordinance are unconstitutional, but he has yet to decide whether to strike down the entire ordinance or simply invalidate portions of it that cross the line.

    “Some of these provisions are pretty wild; they’re pretty inconsistent with centuries of federal law,” District Judge James O. Browning remarked during the motions hearing.

  • Several sail into office unopposed

    They faced no opponent on Tuesday; accordingly, several San Miguel County Democrats walked away from the general election with the office they sought.

    As is typically the case in San Miguel County, those races were decided in the June primary because the positions drew no Republican candidates.

    Rep. Tomás Salazar, D-Ribera, successfully fought off a challenge from former state Rep. Richard Vigil in the primary.

  • Family stroll
  • Fossilized turtle found in NM

    The Associated Press
    Fossilized remains of a turtle believed to have lived in a swampy environment tens of millions of years ago were recovered from a desert location in southern New Mexico.

    A team from the New Mexico Museum of Natural History excavated the find on federal property near the city of Truth or Consequences last week, the Las Cruces Sun-News reported.

    The team first scoured ground at the site for loose pieces of fossilized bone and turtle shell, which were placed in bags.

  • BREAKING - Republicans will hold at least 52 seats in Senate

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Add Iowa to the Republican column in the GOP's takeover of the Senate for the first time in eight years.

    Republican Joni Ernst beat Democrat Bruce Braley, giving Republicans a gain of seven seats.

    They will hold at least 52 seats in the Senate that convenes in January. Alaska and Virginia remained undecided.

    GOP candidates knocked off three incumbent Democratic senators and won four open seats previously held by Democrats.

  • BREAKING - New Mexico Democratic US Sen. Udall wins 2nd term

    The Associated Press

    ALBUQUERQUE — Democratic U.S. Sen. Tom Udall has won a second term in a victory over Republican Allen Weh.

    A popular former attorney general and congressman, Udall had a sizeable campaign fund and was favored by pollsters early as one of a handful of Senate members who had a 99 percent chance of retaining his seat.