Today's News

  • Welcome center may get tenant

    The old welcome center at New Mexico and Grand avenues has been vacant for years.

    And while it still appears to be a welcome center, no one is there to greet tourists. The city hopes to change that.

    Some years ago, the Las Vegas-San Miguel Chamber of Commerce moved its welcome center to the railroad district, and the city-owned building, with an old caboose, has been sitting vacant since then.

  • All in One Show

    Kindergarten kids from the Early Childhood Center brought smiles to a full house at Ilfeld Auditorium last week as the children performed song and dance numbers during the annual holiday program.

    This was the first time the school had a large enough venue so all classes could perform in one show.

  • Luna considering expanding its service area

    The Luna Community College Board of Trustees last week divided over the school’s strategy for expanding to towns such as Pecos and Raton.

    Luna staff has been making overtures to Raton and Pecos in an attempt to provide more services in those communities, but some board members oppose such efforts before voters there decide to join Luna’s taxing district.

  • Las Vegas enrollment dropping

    West Las Vegas’ enrollment continues to drop. East Las Vegas reflects a similar trend, but not by as much.

    Jolene Peres, the district’s business manager, told the West Las Vegas school board last week about state equalization guarantee funding and noted that enrollment at the district has been decreasing with the majority of departing students coming from the high school.

    She passed out a graph showing a comparison of students enrolled at the East and West districts.

  • Academy decides not to appeal

    The Bridge Academy will not appeal the decision of the Las Vegas City Schools board to not renew the school’s charter, officials said.

    The academy’s director, Ruben Cordova, said, “About 30 days ago, the school board made its decision regarding the charter renewal application. Since then, our governing council met and voted not to appeal the decision by the City Schools.”

    Cordova said what that means is at the end of the academic year, the school will be closing. He said in the meantime, there is a lot of work to be done.

  • Vegas man plans to retire home loan with lottery prize

    Quirino Baca matched all five numbers — 5, 9, 16, 18 and 33 — in the Roadrunner Cash drawing for Dec. 8, but the 38-year-old construction foreman in Las Vegas didn’t know he was a prize winner until a week later when his daughter checked the ticket for him at a lottery retailer.

    Quirino Baca and his wife, Yvonne, waited in their truck where they could see 18-year-old Ashley through the store window.

  • City debates legislative strategy

    City Council members debated last week on how they should approach the Legislature with their funding requests, with some saying the city has done enough and others sharply disagreeing.

    The discussion began at the council’s regular meeting when Councilman Tony Marquez asked why the city didn’t invite state lawmakers from the area to attend the council meeting, so city officials could express their wishes for state funding. The invitation was suggested at a meeting earlier this month.

  • With a Hawaiian flavor

    Children at Paul D. Henry Elementary held their annual Christmas program at Mike Marr Gym last week singing songs of the season and showing some pretty fancy dance steps. Principal Aylene Griego acted as master of ceremonies.

    Band director Wallace Sanchez got things going as he directed the fifth-grade band in a Christmas medley.

    Choir director Mike Campbell directed the fifth-grade choir as they sang “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” and “Up on the House Top.”

  • City starts cell phone enforcement

    A couple of months ago, the City Council enacted a ban on using cell phones while driving, but city police didn’t start enforcing it until late last week.

    That’s because Chief Gary Gold wanted to pass the ban as part of a uniform traffic ordinance, which the council passed at its meeting last week.

    Gold said officers would start issuing verbal warnings right away and begin issuing actual citations Feb. 1. He said the Police Department planned to heavily advertise the new ordinance, so drivers are aware of it.

  • Official defends colleague's absence

    Councilman Eugene Romero has missed the last two regular City Council meetings — the first for “personal issues” and the second for “family obligations.”

    Those were the explanations from city staff members. Councilman Michael Gallegos told his colleagues at last week’s meeting that Romero was gone because he was attending his child’s play, and Gallegos defended that decision.