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  • Looking Ahead - News - Sept. 16, 2013

    Health Fair planned for Saturday

  • FYI - Sept. 16, 2013

    Two New Mexico boys allegedly kidnapped by their father more than a year ago have been rescued in Colorado, The Associated Press Reports.
    New Mexico Attorney General Gary King says his office had been working for months on the case with Rio Rancho police and federal agencies.
    He says the boys — ages 6 and 8 — were returned to Albuquerque early Friday by agents from the AG’s Office.
    Colorado authorities are credited with recovering the boys after a brief scuffle with their father.

  • Nature’s fury - Raging waters force evacuations

    The normally sleepy Gallinas River came roaring to life Friday morning with such force that it tore open a gaping hole in a canal, flooded homes and at least one business along its banks, threatened the stability of bridges and forced evacuations of residences and closures of schools.

    No deaths or injures had been reported as of late Saturday, although a National Guard Black Hawk helicopter was called in just after midnight on Saturday to rescue an elderly couple whose ill-fated attempt to escape the El Porvenir area left them stranded.

  • Ruptured canal wreaks havoc

    As floodwaters spread throughout the Gallinas River corridor on Friday, many were asking why the water wasn’t being channeled to Storrie Lake.

    A portion of the earthen canal that carries floodwaters to Storrie Lake ruptured early Friday, and that has contributed to the flooding that has taken place.

  • UPDATE: Surge in river not as bad as expected

    Update 1 p.m.: The surge of water in the Gallinas River wasn't as bad as expected, aleviating fears of a repeat of Friday's flooding. The river walk remains closed, however, and the possibility of additional heavy rain on Sunday afternoon and night remains.

    • • •

    More flooding is occurring in San Miguel County this morning, as the heavy rain that fell in Las Vegas and surrounding areas Saturday night once again swells the Gallinas River.

  • BREAKING: Gov. Martinez declares disaster

    The flooding in San Miguel County and other areas of New Mexico prompted Gov. Susana Martinez to sign an executive order Friday declaring an emergency.

    "Through this executive order, I have directed state government resources to ensure the safety and well being of everyone affected by these heavy storms," Martinez said in a release. "As the heavy rains continue, I encourage all New Mexicans to continue to pay attention to your local weather forecast and be aware of warnings wherever you are."

  • Ruptured canal contributing to flooding

    A portion of the earthen canal that carries floodwaters to Storrie Lake ruptured either late Thursday or early Friday, and that has contributed to the flooding that has taken place, Mayor Alfonso Ortiz said at a news conference Friday afternoon.

    The emergency operations center has been activated, and a hotline has been established to answer calls from the public.

    That number is 454-3700.

    Ortiz said the rupture occurred east of Bradner Dam near the village of Los Vigiles.

  • BREAKING: Major flooding forcing evacuations

    UPDATE 3:15 p.m.: The County of Mora has declared a state of emergency due to flooding in the area.

    • • •

  • Shoddy work costing city

    A utilities crew addressing deteriorating water lines on the West side cut corners while patching roads, and the city’s top official says the mistake is going to end up costing the city.

    The mistake is also affecting residents who live on Montezuma, Lopez, Silva and McRae. All four of those streets had been scheduled to be resurfaced through the Cutler process used on 18 other streets in Las Vegas over the summer.

  • Looking Back - Sept. 13, 2013

    In 1963

    Monday, Sept. 9 — One of the outstanding social events of the season was held Saturday evening at the Old Mill at Pendaries Village, with Col. and Mrs. William Salman of La Cueva as host and hostess. The affair was held in honor of Col. and Mrs. Salman’s house guests, Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Shlenker, Col. and Mrs. A.A. Kaufman and Mrs. Meyer Efron, all of Houston, Texas. Among the distinguished guests attending were Gov. and Mrs. Jack M. Campbell, Mr and Mrs. Joseph Bursey and Mr. John E. Miles. About 50 attended.