Local News

  • Students take part in cultural event

    Students from the United World College put on a show that was part song, dance, comedy and political statement as they presented “This is Africa” during African National Day 2008.

    The large audience enjoyed the always-popular dance titled “Gumboots,” where dancers dressed in coveralls rhythmically slap knee-high rubber boots. The skit “AIDS Monologues” called attention to the plight of HIV in Africa and Angolan dancers performed a lively number.

  • Officials: Make Las Vegas more inviting

    A few years ago, a magazine writer wanted to interview Elmer Martinez, the city’s community development director, by phone. She had already visited Las Vegas.

    The trouble: She hadn’t gone beyond Grand Avenue.

    As such, Martinez said he wouldn’t have the interview with the writer until she came by Las Vegas and toured its historic downtown areas. She took him up on the offer and realized that her story wouldn’t have been complete without Martinez’s advice.

  • Officers plan criticized

    Las Vegas Police Chief Gary Gold said some people are opposing the city’s efforts to lobby state lawmakers for money to pay for officers to work in both local school districts.

    He said he would try to address concerns at the monthly meeting of the city’s Youth Commission at 6 p.m. today at the recreation center. Joann Marquez of the city’s community development department said some of the youth members had questions about the proposal.

    “They want to know how it’s going to affect them,” she said.

  • New Mexico's Democratic caucuses are set for Tuesday

    New Mexico Democrats will vote in presidential caucuses Tuesday, one of 22 states voting that day.

    This is a chance for Democrats to decide on the two remaining candidates — Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Even dropped-out candidates’ names will still be on the ballot such as Gov. Bill Richardson and Sens. Chris Dodd and Joe Biden

    All other Republican and Democratic races will be decided in the June 3 primaries. The caucus is being organized and paid for by the New Mexico Democratic Party, with the state government having no role.

  • Residents eye Grand Avenue alternatives

    Residents discussed options for improvements to Grand Avenue from University Avenue to Seventh Street on Thursday.

    The state Department of Transportation presented a number of options for the project. Officials said the project already has $2.75 million, but more money is needed to complete it.

    The goal of the project is to slow down traffic on Grand Avenue, so visitors realize that Las Vegas consists of three historic downtown areas.

  • Councilman's service celebrated

    Mayor Henry Sanchez said City Councilman Macario Gonzalez didn’t want a big to-do for his departure after more than two decades on the council.

    He got one anyway.

    As part of the council’s meeting Wednesday, Sanchez and others at City Hall organized an event honoring the Ward 1 councilman, who started with the city 21 years ago. The event had been in the planning stages for a year.

  • HU, Luna showcase programs

    College Night 2008 moved to the city’s recreation center this year to accommodate the hundreds of students coming to Las Vegas from all over the state. Buses and cars from Alamo, Las Cruces, Silver City and Las Vegas crowded the large parking area surrounding the center.

  • DA may pursue voter law violations

    The district attorney’s office may investigate cases in which voters are intentionally violating voter registration laws, officials said this week.

    District Attorney Richard Flores said in a press release that he has met with San Miguel County Clerk Paul Maez a few times about voter registration.

    “At this point, I am not necessarily looking at filing criminal charges against anybody; instead, we are hoping to raise awareness so that voter registrations are updated so that there are clean elections,” Flores said in the statement.

  • Campos supports domestic partners bill

    State Sen. Pete Campos, D-Las Vegas, announced this morning that he is supporting legislation that allows gay and straight couples to form domestic partnerships. That was after a number of residents publicly urged him to back the bill.

    "This was not an easy decision to make, but I am confident it is the right decision," Campos said in a statement. "The phone calls, e-mails and letters I received from people on both sides of the issue proved invaluable in my decision-making process."

    He said he expected the legislation would come before the state Senate in days.

  • Residents at Sin City hotel when fire started

    Glen Gomez of Las Vegas, N.M., who turned 35 last week, got an upgrade in his hotel room in the Sin City last weekend, but it wasn’t any kind of a birthday gift.

    It was because of a fire.

    Gomez and his local friends, Miguel Martinez, Jeremiah Gonzalez and Walter Atencio, drove to Las Vegas, Nev., last week to celebrate his birthday, staying in the Monte Carlo Hotel. They got there late Thursday and enjoyed the nightlife until 6 a.m. the next day.