Local News

  • Vegas churches planning joint Thanksgiving service

    A group of Las Vegas churches is coming together next week to give thanks — and, hopefully, expand their ministries with a revitalized spirit of unity.

    An ecumenical Thanksgiving service is being held at 7 p.m. Wednesday at St. Paul’s Peace Church at Eighth Street and National Avenue.

    Six churches are participating in the service being sponsored by the Las Vegas Ministerial Alliance.

  • Sheriff makes far fewer DWI arrests

    The San Miguel Sheriff’s Department maintains that it is focused on reducing drunken driving. But the agency is making far fewer such arrests than it used to, according to statistics.

    In 1999, the department arrested 80 people for DWI, almost as many as the Las Vegas Police Department, according to a study by a state-funded consultant. Since then, the number has dropped sharply — 53 in 2000, 21 in 2001, 12 in 2002 and 4 in 2003.

    The county no longer benefits from such reports because of a lack of funding.

  • Students distributing delights

    Las Vegas had a big infusion of calories on Thursday.

    A joint effort between West Las Vegas Middle School, Robertson High School and Memorial Middle School brought in 12,228 freshly baked and aromatic Krispy Kreme Doughnuts that the Business Professionals of America clubs from both school districts sold to customers over a two-week period.

  • Serf Theatre corrects fire code problems, official says

    Hundreds attended the New Mexico debut of “No Country for Old Men” Wednesday at the Serf Theatre, but the event may have been canceled if the theater hadn’t made last-minute improvements to comply with city fire codes.

    Members of two nonprofit organizations sponsoring the event, The Hispanic Education and Media Group Inc. and the local Casa de Cultura, expressed concerns with the Las Vegas Fire Department about problems in the theater a couple of weeks ago.

  • Residents from Valley seek more police help

    RIBERA — Nearly a hundred Valley residents came together this week to ask for more police assistance to help tackle crime.

    “We have to take the community back,” said Glen Post, the owner of the Pecos River Station. “Drug dealers are so brazen they openly make deals with suppliers and customers in local parking lots.”

  • Conchas sheriff's deputy must find new place to live

    The San Miguel County Commission this week approved a request to sell a mobile home at public auction, referring to the trailer as excess property.

    Left unsaid at the county meeting was that the decision would mean that a sheriff’s deputy in Conchas was being thrown out of his home.

    The county informed Deputy John Hartigan a couple of months ago that it was terminating its housing agreement with him and that he needed to leave by Nov. 30.

  • Housing group blames politicos

    The San Miguel County Commission was going to be asked Tuesday to deny an application from a group to acquire the county’s old housing development in Ribera.

    But the group, the San Miguel Assisted Living Community, pulled its application shortly before the meeting, blaming unnamed “influential” lawmakers.

  • Los Alamos program comes to Vegas

    Some of the brightest scientific minds in the world are gathered at Los Alamos National Laboratories doing research using the most sophisticated equipment available.

    Putting some of that same equipment in the hands of children to encourage their pursuit of learning about and loving science was what was going on at Paul D. Henry Elementary School this week.

    Liz Martieau and Gordon McDonough, science educators at the Bradbury Museum, the official museum of LANL, travel the northern part of the state with the Science on Wheels program.

  • West settles with ex-leader

    A former West Las Vegas superintendent and her husband have settled with the school district for $375,000.

    Barbara Perea Casey had sued the district claiming she was the victim of retaliation and sexual discrimination when she was fired from her position in 2003. Her husband, Frank Casey, a special education teacher’s aide, was terminated shortly after.

    Under the terms of the settlement, the defendants must refrain from making negative comments about either of the Caseys or to any of their prospective employers, said the Caseys’ attorney, Daniel Yohalem.

  • Woman's body found at springs

    A woman was found dead last week at the hot springs in Montezuma, but police say there were no signs of foul play.

    The woman was identified as Karen Hansen, 53, of Las Vegas, state police Sgt. Miguel Aguilar said. He said her death may have been the result of a medical issue.

    Security for United World College, which manages the hot springs, called the state police after seeing the fully clothed woman’s body in one of the pools around 7 p.m. last Wednesday, authorities said.