Local News

  • 102-year-old keeps track of events

    Most people couldn’t keep up with Rosita Gallegos, a woman who is always on the go.

    When she’s not spending time with her family, she is busy with all kinds of activities, including her favorite pastime, which is reading.

    “I love to read and pray. I’m busy, busy, busy,” Gallegos said.

    And indeed she is. The 102-year-old keeps her mind sharp and remembers everything, including the names of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

  • Police: Man shoots at cop's residence

    A man was arrested after he allegedly fired shots in the direction of a state police officer’s house.

    Last Friday, an officer reported hearing shots around 6 a.m. near the house of Ronnie Cain, 43, 644 Bullhead Drive, in Conchas.

    Cain was later charged with aggravated assault upon a police officer with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault on a 6-year-old with a deadly weapon, methamphetamine possession and resisting officers.

  • Group asking Clinton to visit

    A group of local Democrats believe Hillary Clinton is the key to convincing residents to vote for Barack Obama for president.

    As such, they have formed Hillary Supporters for Obama, with the aim of getting the New York senator to speak locally to rally support for Obama.

    Clinton edged out Obama in the statewide caucus in February, but she won with more than 60 percent of the vote in San Miguel and Mora counties. She performed well among Hispanics.

  • City may have to make cuts

    In late July, city officials thought they were done drafting this year’s budget. Now it’s possible that the city may have to cut spending to meet state demands.

    The state Department of Finance and Administration has refused to approve the city’s final budget, which the City Council signed off on in late July.

  • Enrollment up at Highlands

    Enrollment numbers at Highlands University continue to grow, officials say.

    Overall, the school has 3.9 percent more students on campus than last semester.

    “Our first-time freshmen count is remarkable when you look back at the last eight years,” Recruiting Director Gil Gonzales said. “Today we are at 457 new freshmen — up from 366 in the fall of 2007, which is 29 percent higher than last year. The university is really excited about that.”

  • Report: RHS coaches didn't respond quickly

    Coaches at Robertson High School failed to adequately supervise boys at a football camp last month or look into allegations of sexual assault by other players, allowing more boys to fall victim, according to a report from district officials.

    After the allegations surfaced, six football players were suspended 10 days for violating the district’s anti-bullying policy. Five subsequently were suspended through the end of the year; a sixth was expelled.

  • Three students appeal

    Three of the six Robertson High School students suspected of hazing others at a football camp last month have appealed their suspensions to the school board.

    The board has 15 days to hear the appeals, Superintendent Rick Romero said Tuesday.

    “I’ll be meeting with the school district’s attorney over the next several days about the process,” Romero said.

    He said he fully expects a fourth student to file an appeal soon.

  • Hazing victim's name revealed in TV report

    A state police report released last week on the alleged hazing during a Robertson High School football camp included the names of the six victims.

    But the print and television media declined to release the information to the public out of concern for the victims — with at least one exception.

    A few days ago, a reporter on Albuquerque’s Channel 13 KRQE showed one of the pages of the report to the camera, close enough for viewers to see a victim’s name. By the station’s account, it was a mistake.

  • City planning to fix gas line

    The city is looking to spend $300,000 in emergency repairs to its natural gas line to meet the requirements of federal pipeline safety laws.

    The City Council will consider the project at its meeting today. Officials said the work can be accomplished by professionals with equipment and tools that aren’t available to the city.

    Councilman Morris Madrid said it’s imperative that work be done to the nearly 40-year-old line. The city owns the portion of the line from Las Vegas to Colmar, which is in Colfax County, north of town.

  • Freshmen wear graduation garb

    Taking photographs in cap and gown is a ritual traditionally reserved for seniors.

    Not anymore.

    Eddie King, Robertson High School’s assistant principal, said it was a good idea for freshmen at the school to envision themselves graduating from high school in May 2012.

    “I first learned about the idea at a High Schools That Work conference I attended in Nashville this summer,” King said. “This project is an outgrowth of what many high schools are doing across the country in an effort to improve graduation rates.”