Local News

  • Las Vegas man dies in accident

    A Las Vegas man was killed early this morning after he lost control of his car at Eighth Street and Lincoln Avenue, Las Vegas police said.

    The driver, Darren M. Benavidez, 23, 1506 Salazar St., was pronounced dead, Assistant Police Chief Christian Montao said.

    His passenger, Lawrence F. Chavez, 22, 1512 Montezuma St., fled the scene of the accident but went to the police station a short while later, Montao said.

  • Lopez named to HU regents

    The uncle is taking the place of his nephew.

    On Thursday, officials announced that Highlands University Regent Walter Adams resigned Monday and that his uncle, Las Vegas attorney Jesus Lopez, is taking his place immediately.

    “I’ve been on the Board of Regents for five years, and I feel it’s time to step aside to give others the opportunity to serve this fine institution,” Adams said in a university news release.

  • Engineer promotes water offer

    An engineer on Thursday promoted the advantages of a rancher’s proposal to lease his wells to Las Vegas, saying they would provide clean water and increase the city’s supplies.

    Paul Saavedra of Santa Fe Engineering spoke for more than an hour to the Las Vegas Community Water Board, a nonprofit group whose stated aim is to help the community reach water solutions. He is working for Alexander Milliken, who owns the ranch with the wells southwest of town.

    “This is wet water readily available now,” Saavedra said.

  • Officials warn about staph infections

    School nurse Cathy Swedlund told the Las Vegas City Schools board that the district was seeing an increase in a staph infection called methicillin and has developed a prevention policy that the board is being asked to approve.

    Swedlund called methicillin resistant staph aureus, or MRSA, a serious disease that could be life-threatening.

  • Wells could up water supplies

    The city of Las Vegas could nearly double its water supplies if it purchased five wells near town, based on information from a hydrogeologist’s report.

    Rancher Alexander Milliken submitted a proposal to the city in mid-October to sell his five wells at his ranch southwest of Las Vegas near the Ojitos Frios subdivision.

    City officials said they are reviewing the proposal.

  • Trujillo leaves cleanup panel

    City Councilman Louie Trujillo resigned this week as chairman of the Keep Las Vegas Beautiful Committee, saying the mayor and council weren’t taking beautification issues seriously enough.

    “I don’t really feel the beautification of the city has been supported by the mayor and the council,” he said. “It’s been disappointing that the leadership hasn’t taken a more active role in cleaning up the city.”

  • West Las Vegas finishes renovation

    When West Las Vegas Superintendent Jim Abreu looked out his second-floor window Wednesday, he could see snow falling on the Old Town Plaza.

    Its a postcard, he said of the scene outside his corner office. Some people ask why I dont face my desk toward the window. If I did, I wouldnt get my work done.

    Abreu and other school district employees moved within the last month into the recently renovated second floor of the school districts administration building on the Plaza.

    The project, handled by Franken Construction, cost the district around $500,000, Abreu said.

  • Castellano remains as Luna chairman

    Ambrose Castellano is staying as chairman of Luna Community College’s Board of Trustees, but he doesn’t have unanimous support in that position.

    Trustee Abelino Montoya asked for the board to consider a reorganization at its meeting this week. Montoya, a former chairman, said it’s important that other members get the chance to serve in that role, so he nominated Tony Valdez, the newest trustee, to serve as chairman.

    “He has shown a special interest in the college. He is fresh blood,” Montoya said.

  • Officials criticize local media

    Two City Council members criticized local media organizations Wednesday, saying they are too negative about the community.

    Near the end of the council’s regular meeting, Councilman Cruz Roybal said that “air media” organizations are unfairly negative. He said the city is making progress in economic development, citing Old Wood as an example. But he said claims are being made on the radio that the city is stagnating.

    “Who would want to settle in Las Vegas hearing that?” he asked.

  • Fire Dept. members forming union

    Members of the Las Vegas Fire Department have combined forces and are in the process of forming a union, with their leader saying they want their pay on par with other departments.

    Elauterio “Mike” Montao, interim president of the Las Vegas, New Mexico, Professional Firefighters Association Local 4625, said departments members started the unionizing process in November and hope to become recognized as the official union in the next couple of months.