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  • Residents outraged with hazing

    One woman told a radio audience that she would be out for blood if someone violently hazed her loved one.

    On Tuesday afternoon, Las Vegas residents expressed their outrage on a radio show over an alleged violent hazing incident at a Robertson football camp. At least one player is alleging that he was sodomized with a broomstick.

    One caller to a KNMX talk show said she is a grandmother who was in tears and called the incident shocking.

  • City launches new budget billing plan

    The city of Las Vegas is introducing a new budget billing plan.

    The plan is an adjustment for winter rates that allows a customer to lower their winter payments by dispersing them throughout the year, officials said.

    Utilities Director George DuFour came up with the plan to help utility customers during the winter. Customers just need to contact the utilities department to sign up.

  • Ex-official accused of fraud

    SANTA FE — Prosecutors tried to make the case Tuesday that West Las Vegas’ former bilingual director helped her assistant cheat on an online test to get an educational license.

    It was the opening day of a four-day trial for former Director Roberta Vigil and her assistant, Beverly Ortega. Vigil has been charged with fraud, while both women face a count of conspiracy to commit fraud in connection with the cheating.

  • La Pasada told to issue order

    The state Environment Department’s Drinking Water Bureau advised the La Pasada Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association in San Miguel County to issue a “boil water order” for its water system.

    The state issued the advisory on Monday after bacteriological contamination that exceeded the maximum contaminant level for E. coli was discovered in drinking water. The state requires the La Pasada MDWCA, a water system about 35 miles southeast of Santa Fe, to notify its consumers of the finding.

  • Authorities yet to take action

    State police are continuing their investigation into alleged violent hazing during a Robertson High School football camp last week. And officials aren’t revealing any details about their investigation.

    “It would be nice if things were like ‘CSI’ and everything got figured out in an hour,” said state police Sgt. Andy Tingwall. “The state police are going to have a thorough investigation. It’s important that every step be followed.”

  • Contract would give pay increases

    Officers and dispatchers in the Police Department would get a pay plan that includes increases in salaries under a proposed agreement between the city and a union.

    Entry-level police officers would make $15 an hour, which figures to $32,760 a year. Currently, entry-level officers make $12.30 an hour.

    City Manager Sharon Caballero said the city isn’t allowed to talk about the agreement until both sides have a chance to look it over. She said she expected the council to discuss the proposal behind closed doors.

  • County to seek funds for Tecolote

    The San Miguel County Commission decided last week to seek more federal money so that it can complete the final phase to improve roads and drainage in Tecolote.

    The county tried to seek more funds for that project last year, but the federal government denied that request because the county hadn’t closed out the first phase of the improvements.

    In the first phase, the county spent much of the more than $300,000 on drainage. Officials at the time said that they did so because without such improvements, any road upgrades would be quickly destroyed.

  • Lottery confirms Baca's prize

    On Friday, the New Mexico Lottery confirmed what KFUN’s Joseph Baca has already announced locally: He has become $1 million richer.

  • MONDAY UPDATE: Turmoil at RHS

    In recent times, the Robertson High School football team has become accustomed to winning.

    This year, the Cardinals are facing a scandal that is serving as an earth-shaking distraction — alleged hazing that has prompted a state police investigation.

    When the Robertson High School football team comes out for practice today, it’ll have new coaches — at least for the time being.

  • MONDAY MORNING UPDATE: RHS reeling after alleged football camp hazing

    When the Robertson High School football team comes out for practice Monday, it'll have new coaches — at least for the time being.

    Richard Martinez, a longtime wrestling and middle school football coach for the district, will be taking over as interim head coach, while Pat Garcia, another coach for the district, will assist Martinez, officials said.