• Student completes training during break

    By Dustin Duncan
    The (Carbondale) Southern Illinoisan

    GOREVILLE, Ill. — While many high school juniors spend their summers working, relaxing or volunteering to beef up a college application, Ashlyn Darnell was also training for the rest of her life.

    Darnell, who just turned 18 earlier this month, has recently returned from Fort Jackson in South Carolina where she completed Basic Combat Training for the Army. She will complete her senior year at Goreville High School and then report for Advanced Individual Training in May.

  • Indoor river teaching tool for school students

    By Jessie Ponds
    The News & Advance

    LYNCHBURG, Va.  — Grain by grain, sediment began to build up in the reservoir behind the tiny dam, as anticipation built on the faces of the high school students watching.

    Diana Duckworth, a teacher with the Summer Residential Governor’s School Program in Mathematics, Science and Technology had a model river rigged up in her classroom at Lynchburg College. A hose pipe provided the water, which wound up in the sink at the end of its run. Connected metal channels provided a sloping path for the flow.

  • Dear Teacher - Aug. 28, 2016

    By Marge Eberts and Peggy Gisler
    Question: My son has been absolutely addicted to Minecraft this summer — playing it for hours at a time. Most of his friends share this addiction. Why is this game so popular? What are the positives and negatives of playing this game? — Gamer’s Parent

    Answer: There is no question that Minecraft is extremely popular with children. It may be because it is an extension of things that children like to do: watch television and play computer games and play with LEGOs.

  • Now ‘cancer free,’ Indiana teen wins battle, returning to school

    By Olivia Covington
    The (Columbus) Republic

    COLUMBUS, Ind. — Cancer free.

    Just two words strung together, the term has the power to change lives. Just ask 13-year-old Alana Cook of Columbus.
    After Alana went through six months of radiation and chemotherapy to treat a papillary tumor, a rare and malignant form of brain cancer, a magnetic resonance imagine (MRI) test on July 7 came back showing no evidence of disease, or NED. It’s the medical term commonly used to describe a cancer that is in remission.

  • Dear Teacher - Aug. 21, 2016

    By Marge Eberts
    and Peggy Gisler
    Question: Will my daughter get a leg up on completing college earlier by taking dual enrollment classes next year in high school? —Wondering

  • HU receives major gift from former prof

    By Sean Weaver
    Highlands University

    The sheet music library in Highlands University’s music program has doubled, thanks to a donation from a former HU professor.

    Ron Thielman, who was the university’s director of bands during the late 1960s, collected approximately $150,000 worth of sheet music during his career as a professor and professional musician. More than 3,000 scores comprise the collection Thielman donated to Highlands.

  • Community school visit
  • Camp works with people with autism

    By Lily Oppenheimer
    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    PITTSBURGH — When he was 3 years old, Tristan Wainwright stopped speaking to his parents. His father, Jeff Wainwright, 44, said Tristan would only repeat movie lines and had severe communication issues.

    Tristan, who now is 14 and lives in Louisiana, was eventually diagnosed with autism.

  • Dear Teacher

    By Marge Eberts
    and Peggy Gisler

    Question: My daughter got her new SAT scores back in May. She will be applying to college this year. How can she tell if her scores are good enough to get her admitted to the colleges she is considering attending? The colleges only give the range of the old SAT scores for those who were admitted. — Dilemma

  • Highlands student gets organic farming experience

    By Margaret McKinney
    Highlands University

    A Highlands University conservation management student enjoyed getting her  hands dirty this summer learning about horticulture through an organic farming internship.

    Karlee Rogers worked at V’s Organic Farm in Buena Vista, N.M., doing everything from sampling and testing soil to harvesting crops and helping build a new greenhouse.