• Applications accepted for Viles scholarship

    Submitted to the Optic

    The Viles Foundation, Inc., is accepting Viles Scholarship Applications for 2017-18.  The applications must be post-marked by April 3.  

    The renewable scholarship is made available annually to qualifying high school graduating seniors who have only one surviving parent (half orphans) or no surviving parents (full orphans).

    The scholarship is also available to qualifying college or vocational students who have lost a parent within the last five years after graduating from high school.  

  • Dear Teacher - March 19, 2017

    By Marge Eberts and Peggy Gisler
    Question: My husband struggled mightily with dyslexia in school and still isn’t too fond of reading. Is it possible to discover if one of our young children is following in his footsteps? — Curious

    Answer: Since you know that dyslexia runs in your husband’s family, you do need to watch for early warning signs.

  • Dear Teacher - March 12, 2017

    By Marge Eberts and Peggy Gisler

    Question: Where can I find out what the Common Core standards require children to learn at different grade levels? — Seeking Information

    Answer: You are wise to want to learn more about the Common Core standards, as much misinformation about them exists. First of all, they are educational standards only for English language arts (ELA)/literacy and mathematics in grades K-12. These standards do not dictate how teachers should teach these subjects; this is determined by teachers and their schools.

  • Dear Teacher - March 5, 2017

    By Marge Eberts and Peggy Gisler
    Question: This year, the elementary school my children attend has become a year-round school. What are the benefits and downsides to this school schedule? — No More Summers

  • Students of the month - Feb. 26, 2017
  • For high schoolers, rapper karate champ is cool teacher

    By Mara Rose Williams
    The Kansas City Star

    PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan.  — Calm, cool and confident, Shawnee Mission East High School teacher David Muhammad is among the most skilled martial artists in the world and the No.1 seed on this year’s U.S. Karate team.

    But Muhammad, 32, knows he has a lot more going for him when it comes to connecting with high schoolers today. He’s young — even bearded and bespectacled — and he doesn’t look all that much older than some of his students. He’s also a talented musician.

  • West students visit Highlands
  • Students of the month - Feb. 19, 2017
  • Dear Teacher - Feb. 19, 2017

    By Marge Eberts and Peggy Gisler

    Question: My elementary school child has to do a science fair project. I have been looking online for guidance along with project ideas. What are some of the best of the many websites that will help me? ­— Confused

  • Teacher writes original musical

    By Kristin Magnusson
    The Sheridan Press

    DAYTON, Wyo. — Tongue River High School band and vocal instructor Jason McArthur, his wife Joy and his assistant Rosy Henderson have written a musical called “The Great Tie Flume” that includes six original songs and reprises.