• Students of the month - Nov. 1, 2015
  • Dear Teacher - Nov. 1, 2015

    By Marge Eberts and Peggy Gisler

    Question: How can I help my son who is in pre-kindergarten get ready to read? — Preparation Needed
    Answer: There are definitely many things that you can do to get your child ready to read. Here is a checklist from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development for parents of preschoolers that you can use to see if you are doing all the necessary things for getting your child on the path to becoming a reader:

  • Students of the month - Oct. 25, 2015
  • Dear Teacher - Oct. 25. 2015

    By Marge Eberts and Peggy Gisler

    Question: My sixth-grader, who just started middle school, brought home a report card loaded with C grades last week. In elementary school, she always got A’s and B’s. I’m quite disappointed, and she is very upset. How can this be turned around? ­— Disappointed

  • Ex-Ed Secretary Spellings to lead North Carolina university system

    By Jonathan Drew and
    Emery P. Dalesio
    The Associated Press

    CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — Former U.S. Education Secretary Margaret Spellings was selected as the next president of North Carolina’s public university system on Friday, with its governing board opting for the nonacademic with Republican political credentials.

    Spellings, a protege of former President George W. Bush, was selected by the University of North Carolina Board of Governors, which oversees 17 campuses enrolling more than 220,000 students.

  • Absenteeism rate high for Oregon students

    By Laura Frazier
    The Oregonian

    PORTLAND, Ore. — Roughly a third of Oregon’s American Indian and Alaskan Native students were chronically absent last year, the worst statewide rate out of student groups.

    The Oregon Department of Education released data Thursday showing the percentage of students who attended at least 90 percent of school days. Statewide about 17 percent, or nearly 94,000 students, missed that benchmark.

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  • Push begins to boost broadband for several New Mexico schools

    By Susan Montoya Bryan
    The Associated Press

    BERNALILLO — Nearly a third of New Mexico’s public school districts don’t have adequate access to high-speed Internet, and Gov. Susana Martinez wants to change that situation.

    Martinez visited an elementary school in Bernalillo on Thursday to outline plans for bolstering broadband access for schools statewide. Her announcement comes as districts face new testing requirements and other changes that have pushed online learning to the forefront.

  • Foundation offers outreach grants

    Submitted to the Optic

    The LANL Foundation offers Educational Outreach Small Grants to school districts and nonprofits with programs that strengthen teaching and learning.

    Grants of up to $1,500 are available monthly to support public schools and nonprofits working in K-12 education in Los Alamos, Mora, Rio Arriba, San Miguel, Sandoval, Santa Fe and Taos counties.

  • Dear Teacher - Oct. 18. 2015

    By Marge Eberts and Peggy Gisler
    Question: How can my child learn to ace essay and multiple choice tests? It’s been a real stumbling block stopping her from getting A’s and B’s. —Blocked
    Answer: Different types of tests definitely require special strategies in order to really get your best score. There are secrets for acing tests.
    Strategies for Multiple Choice Tests:
    • Read the question or problem all the way through and then carefully read all answer choices before you make a selection.