• School gives high-focus time to kids

    By Kim Kilbride
    South Bend Tribune

    SOUTH BEND, Ind.  — Using a projector and whiteboard, Jackie Williams writes — while verbally ticking off — the morning’s agenda for her students.

    “Let’s go over our priority list. If you have not yet finished that math online pretest, get that done first. After that, go into ‘Spelling City.’ If you have the option to do a vocabulary practice test, you should do that, too.”

    Questions before you work?” she asks her third- and fourth-graders.

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  • Dear Teacher - Feb. 28, 2015

    By Marge Eberts
    and Peggy Gisler

    Question: I’ll admit to handing my iPhone over to my 4-year-old when we are waiting in a doctor’s office or an older child is playing soccer. He won’t read a book or color for that amount of time, but he will stay completely entranced with an app game. What are some of the criteria that I should follow to find an app that is safe for him to use and might even have some educational merit? — App Lover

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  • High school senior thrives in orchestra, cross country

    By Christopher Heimerman
    Sauk Valley Media

    STERLING, Ill. — Little did Cody Lund know that the proverbial intersection he reached in the summer of 2009 was along a road leading to a deeper understanding and love of life.

    Entering his sixth-grade year at Challand Middle School, his orchestra teacher, Barb Lauff, persuaded him to run the Music in Motion 5K, at which he was slated to play violin.

    It led him to cross country, one of his greatest passions and one that perfectly complements another: music.

  • Dear Teacher - Feb. 21, 2016

    By Marge Eberts and Peggy Gisler
    Question: My children never seem to move without a cellphone in hand. I think this is excessive. How much time are kids really spending on their electronic devices? Can excessive use damage their eyes? — Worried

  • Dear Teacher - Feb. 14, 2016

    By Marge Eberts
    and Peggy Gisler

    Question: Has the importance of legible handwriting diminished since keyboarding has become so popular? Are there any real benefits to having good handwriting? I have always had what others consider to be very attractive writing. What will happen in the future? Will no one write by hand? — For Legibility

  • Dear Teacher - Feb. 7, 2015

    By Marge Eberts
    and Peggy Gisler

    Question: My son is in a history class where so much of the teaching seems to come from technology. Does so much technology belong in the classroom? — Worried

    Answer: Digital technology plays a major role in many of today’s classrooms. However, even though students are on their computers, iPads, iPhones and other devices finding new information, the debate still continues over whether technology can or should partially or entirely replace the face-to-face interaction of teachers and students.

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