Mora County

  • Mora County offices moved to state-of-the-art complex

    By Kelsey Kendall

    The Mora County Complex has been a work in progress for years. Mora County Commissioner Veronica Serna said the building used to just be a “shell for a bunch of pigeons,” but now it is a state-of-the-art complex housing many of the county offices and the Mora County Magistrate Courthouse.

  • Summer heat sneaks up on you in the mountains

    Suddenly, it is summer. And suddenly it is hot. Yes, it is so hot, even here in our mountains, that our creeks have now dried up. Our mountain meadows are brown.

  • ‘If the shoe fits, you ought to wear it’

    This column was originally published in the Optc in July of 2012.

    An old saying says: “if the shoe fits, wear it.” I just discovered a column that I wrote for the June 4, 1971 Las Vegas Livestock Journal.

    This was written for its “This Woman’s World” page and this is editor Brumbelow’s introduction for it:

    “There’s at least one place in New Mexico where there’s been some moisture. Editha Bartley of the Gascon Ranch near Rociada tells you about it."

  • Remembering Dennis Mitchell

    I was out on my deck, planting flowers from the Mora Valley Ranch Supply store (their plants are used to our high elevation here at the ranch) when the Optic came in the mail.

    I always page through it quickly to get the news pertaining to our area.
    I was surprised to learn that Dennis Mitchell had passed away. I have known Dennis for a very long time and thankfully my radio can pick up KFUN radio here in these high mountains so I always get the local news, every morning when I am cooking breakfast.

  • What was said in all those unrecorded grad speeches?

    This column was originally published in 2012.

    Unless one lives up on Hermit’s Peak as the hermit did so long ago, one can’t help but be aware that graduation time is here.

    Yes, I can say I have been there and done that a couple of times.
    I graduated from Robertson High School in 1950, and four years later from Highlands University, right here in Las  Vegas.

  • First phase of mill restoration completed

    Las Vegas Optic reports

    MORA —Merl Witt, president of the Saint Vrain Mill Preservation and Historical Foundation, recently announced that the first most significant step in the restoration of the St. Vrain Mill — stabilization of the foundation — has just been completed. 

    More than 150 years ago, Ceran St. Vrain commissioned the building of his stone mill (Molino de Piedra) at a site located along the northern edge of the Village of Mora.

  • Riding at Valmora

    I t is time to saddle up and get down to business — oh yes! That is an expression my moher used way too often when speaking to my sweet brother, Bill and me when we were kids. We understood the expression completely and we weren’t about to try anything stupid like disobeying her.

  • Valmora’s New Year

    I will be the first to admit that for the first 12 or so years of my life I never understood why there was so much “hoopla” and celebration in other peoples’ lives on New Year’s Eve. I don’t remember ever even being awake at that supposedly magic hour called midnight.

    Sweet brother Bill and I grew up across the driveway from our hospital complex at Valmora.

  • Palabras Pintorescas: A glass of water is part of snow cycle

    What a surprise this November has been weatherwise, here in our hieqghmountains. 

  • Palabras Pintorescas: Musing on livestock, seasons, and water

    Time flies when one is having fun. In other words, fall is fleeting by so fast and yes, winter will soon be here. 

    We can feel the climate change as the days become shorter and the nights are cool to cold. Ice on the stock tanks is just around the corner now here at the ranch.