Zero Diversion

The latest "Your Water Report" in Friday's Optic shows an average river diversion for the week as x.xx MGD. A sentence at the bottom of the week's stats says "New diversion meter is down and in for warranty repair. City did not divert." Kind of an amazing situation. So, what about the week before? Same thing.

I guess maybe it against somebody or another's regulation to divert without a meter. Or maybe the city just didn't think there was any point in bypassing the meter unless rain was expected. The footnote doesn't tell.

Only 0.08 Mgd of the 2.87 Mgd consumed in the City over that two-week period came from our wells. So almost all of our water came out of storage -- while 6.24 inches of rain fell on the ground.

Storage did rise from 53.2% to 63.2%, thanks to the City's pumping water into Storrie Lake through its pipeline, even as the canal owned by the Water Users Association was out of commission. The City's portion of the water in Storrie is now 96.5% of capacity!

The pile of numbers about our water rights is mind numbing. The rules are different during the six-month growing season than during the other six months, and they change depending on the overall flow in the river -- one rule for low flow, one for medium,one for high, and one for extra high. There is also a different rule for when we are nearly at storage capacity versus when we are moderately low or worse. Plus, the capacity of our equipment can artificially limit our diversions regardless of flow in the river.

We poor citizens need clearer figures and goals for storage. Does the City try to capture the most it can in the spring to last us through the dry patch until the rainy season? It didn't seem that way this spring. Doe the City try to capture the most it can from the monsoons to carry us through to the snowy weather? Hard to tell? What are the criteria for tapping the wells?

Anybody know?