A vicious pack of dogs roaming area

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Recently it was impossible for me to sleep. I was worried about my dog, afraid he would not make it through the night.

Just two days earlier he was a happy, healthy guy, but his (and my) life changed abruptly when a pack of three vicious dogs (without collars) attacked him when we went for our morning walk. They tried hard to kill him and they would have succeeded had I not been there in time to come to his rescue.

So the next he spent his entire day at the vet’s, who, I am glad to say, did a wonderful job sewing him up and taking great care of him. One cannot count all the stitches on his head, neck, ears, legs, everywhere.

I am left with the question: How can this happen right here in town?

How come? Why?

Are people aware that their dogs cause enormous harm to other dogs, and maybe our elderly, our children?

I talked to people who told me they do not take bike rides or walks here on Old National Road anymore for the same reason.

This pack of dogs operates between Old National Road and Cinder Road. They are extremely dangerous! They kill to kill.

I recently found a dead cat in the field where dog owners walk dogs. The cat had been killed, its neck broken.

A few moths ago, in the same field, we noticed a dog with a collar that clearly had been killed as well.

I was told that one of the neighbor’s dogs had been attacked some weeks ago, while this dog was in his own back yard!  His front leg had been very wounded, through the fence!

My mom’s dog has been attacked twice also. This dog is a fast runner and she could outrun the pack; however, they left her with deep puncture wounds both times.   

Yes, I have called the police, after each incident, to report the attacks. I was told animal control would be alerted. Whether that actually happened, we have no idea.

In fact, I saw the same pack of dogs walking here through the street, about five minutes (after writing this).

Now what are we supposed to do? If we want to take a walk, bring heavy sticks to defend ourselves? Or maybe guns?

I hope that you agree with me that this is a huge problem that should be addressed immediately!

Ida M. Cooney
Las Vegas