Santa Fe Water for Las Vegas?

The San Miguel County Office of Emergency Management and its Santa Fe County counterpart have asked the city of Santa Fe to become an emergency source of water for Las Vegas and San Miguel County, accoring to today's Santa Fe New Mexican newpaper.

The water would be trucked over Glorieta Pass in two 4,000-gallon tankers owned by San Miguel County.

Our wanter situation is the lead story in today's New Mexican, taking up half of the front page and most of an inside page.

Bringing in drinking water is not a new idea, according to those who remember the major drought that hit Las Vegas in the 1950's.  During that drought water was brought in in railroad tank cars to a point on 12th street, according to one long-time area resident.  It was that drought that led the city to major drilling in the Taylor well field.

It is good to know that the county government is on the ball to provide some relief if we need to import drinking water.