Not ONE HU Football Player Nominated On 2011 RMAC Academic 1st Or 2nd Team!!!


While admiring Division II first and second team Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC) college football players with a 3.30 GPA, it is apparently quite GLARING to note that not even ONE Highlands University football player was nominated! Shouldn't this be addressed by first year Coach Eric Young?

What's wrong with this academic picture? It would also be interesting to find out the percentage of Highlands University football players who graduate in four years after initially being accepted.

While using one yardstick for football, one would think that the other NCAA Division II teams HU fields (Basketball, baseball, wrestling, track and field, rodeo, etc) would certainly be more representative. In fairness to the HU football program and to head coach Eric Young, this is just the first year, therefore one shouldn't jump to conclusions about being nominated to the RMAC teams.Concluding, it would've been nice to have at least ONE HU footballer listed!