North Takes Pecos League All Star Game

The Northern Division came out ahead in last night's Pecos League All Star Game 14-12 in Santa Fe, with significant help from Train Robber players.

Robber outfielder Will Walsh was the game's most valuable player. He had a three-run homer in his first at bat and a grand slam the next time up. He hit 4 for 5 with seven RBIs. He made an impressive catch to prevent the tying run late in the game and was involved in throwing out a south player at the plate later in the game. The game was played with a designated hitters, and Walsh served as the DH for the North.

Robber Jon Hotta made news by getting on base through being hit by a pitch late in the game.

Las Vegas had six previously announced players in the game: outfielder Andrew Lopez of Sacramento, CA; pitcher Atsushi Hebisawa of Ssaka, Japan; pitcher Chuck Fontana of Staten Island, NY; pitcher Edison Alvarez of Santiago, Dominican Republic; short stop Joey Haskell of Odessa, TX; and second base Randy Wells of Pittsburg, CA.

Robber Andy Lopez hit two homers in the pre-gamr Home Run Derby.