NMSP: Children taken from couple living in van

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By Ryan Lowery

New Mexico State Police recently arrested a man and a woman on charges of child abuse after finding two children in a van with drug paraphernalia.

Yvonne Rubio-Martinez, 29, and Aaron Newman, 44, were arrested in Pecos on Sept. 28 when an NMSP officer found them sleeping in a minivan in a parking lot along North Main Street. When the officer knocked on the window, Rubio-Martinez opened the door and the officer smelled what is described in court filings as “a very powerful odor” he believed to be marijuana coming from the vehicle. Rubio-Martinez admitted to having a small amount of marijuana in the van. Looking inside the van, the officer noticed two small children.

According to court filings, Rubio-Martinez told the offer she was a “pot head.” Noticing that Rubio-Martinez was acting nervous, the officer asked if something in the vehicle was making her act that way.

Rubio-Martinez told the officer her boyfriend was hiding in the van. Police detained Rubio-Martinez and Newman, and Newman admitted to having syringes in the van, and that he’d used them to inject methamphetamine.

Newman told the officer he’d injected methamphetamine the night before, and Rubio-Martinez admitted to using methamphetamine the night before as well. The officer contacted the Children, Youth and Families Department and initiated an emergency hold on the two children, who were transported to a CYFD facility in Santa Fe.

Officials with CYFD told the officer both children had disclosed details about domestic violence incidents between Rubio-Martinez and Newman, and according to court filings, the children also disclosed detailed accounts of drug use by Newman and Rubio-Martinez.

One child was even able to draw a picture of a syringe, including the measuring lines, and was able to describe how to inject drugs with it. Bond for Rubio-Martinez was set at $10,000. Newman’s bond was set at $20,000.

As of this writing, both Rubio-Martinez and Newman were still in jail. Both are scheduled to appear in San Miguel Magistrate Court on Oct. 9.