Mora County Notebook: Thanksgiving is a special day for families

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By Ruth Fort

Yesterday was a special day in the year. Families met to share in the blessings of the year and to feast on the bounties that have been provided. Then there is the traditional Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and football.

Now families are scattered all over and this year it was a question of getting where they wanted to go because of the severe weather all over the United States. In the old days, as for some folks now, families lived close and no problem if there was bad weather. Dad hitched up the horse to a sleigh and the family bundled up and flew across the fields to grandma’s house.

Now many people are stranded in airports, bus stations and their cars trying to get to grandma’s or someone’s house to spend the happy time together.

Thanksgiving traditionally is on the last Thursday of November. It was changed to the third Thursday at one time to accommodate the retailers to give more time for Christmas shopping but now it is back to the fourth Thursday.

Our neighbor, Canada, celebrates Thanksgiving Day on the second Monday of October. Next year  Thanksgiving will be on Nov. 27, and in 2015 it will be on Nov. 26.

The traditional story of the original Thanksgiving is said to be in 1621 at Plymouth Rock with pilgrims and the Wampanoag Native Americans sharing a feast and thanks for a good year and a bountiful harvest. Their table was like the present tables groaning with all kinds of good food, but it did not look like the present fare.

The Native Americans brought five deer. The English had gone hunting also and brought wild fowl as turkey, geese, grouse and quail. They also had pumpkin and squash for vegetables Indian corn, carrots and peas from their own gardens. Pumpkin pie was not introduced until 1654

The food was supplemented with different kinds of fish, more venison and nuts. The feast lasted for three full days. They had games as target shooting and a game called stool ball. Today football is the game, but watching, not playing for the most part. Certainly some young people are outside playing football or something to work off the food they had consumed.

Then there is the Macy’s Parade before the game. It was started in 1921, when some of the employees decided to have a Christmas Parade and brought animals from the zoo to be in the parade.

In 1927, they started using helium balloons instead of real animals. The idea is to encourage Christmas shopping. But elsewhere there is Black Friday, which some merchants are not staying with the special day but putting on the specials on Thanksgiving Day or before disturbing the peace and tranquility of that special day.

For the most part no difference what it is — a special day to be thankful for the many blessing.

Little League officers elected

It might be cold and snowy, but, little leaguers, your leaders are thinking of you. Last Thursday night they had election of officers for the coming season.

On Nov. 21, a group of interested parents and citizens met at David Cargo Library to elect their 2014 officers.

The officers elected were: President – Monica Aragon, Vice President — Kathy Mendoza —  Secretary and Treasurer — Gayla Martinez.

They still need a safety officer.

Someone will surely step up to do that important duty.

So look forward to the summer fun even if the snow is flying now.

Ruth Fort is a Mora County correspondent. She may be reached at (575) 387-6523 or ruthfortchacon@yahoo.com.