Mora Community Calendar and Lunch Menu - June 3, 2011

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Community Calendar

5:30 p.m. - Mora Valley Community Health Services Advisory    Board meeting,  administration building

10 a.m. - Mora County Board of Commissioner meeting, Wagon Mound City Hall
6 p.m. - T-Ball, Yankees vs.Mariners, Holman Little League Field, Little League-Field #1, Angels vs. Braves Field #2, Rockies vs. Rangers
6:45 p.m. - T-Ball-Rangers vs. Pirates, Holman Little League Field

10 a.m. to  4 p.m. - Junior Ranger Camp, ages seven to nine, Fort Union National Monument
6 p.m. - T-Ball, Pirates vs. Mariners, Holman Little League Field, Little League Field #1, Braves vs. Rockies, Field #2, Rangers vs. Angels
6:45 p.m. - T-Ball, Rangers vs. Yankees, Holman Little League Field

10 a.m. - Junior Ranger Camp, ages 10 to 12, Fort Union National Monument

Senior Lunch Menu

The lunch menu for the Mora / Wagon Mound Senior Centers with coffee and milk served daily.

Monday, June 6 - Sour cream enchilada, Spanish rice, green beans with green chili, salsa, oatmeal cookies and fruit cocktail

Tuesday, June 7 - Steak, green beans, parmesan potato rounds, wheat roll with margarine and lemon bar

Wednesday, June 8 - Italian pork chop, broccoli, mixed vegetables, wheat roll with margarine, cottage cheese  and peaches

Thursday, June 9 - Baked chicken, corn, asparagus and pumpkin spice cookies

Friday, June 10 - Sausage pizza, spinach salad, mixed vegetables, pinapple and peanut butter cookies