Police: man struck officer with beam

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By Ryan Lowery

A chance encounter with a Las Vegas police officer led to felony charges of battery on a peace officer for a Montezuma man.

While responding to a harassment call in the 2300 block of North Gonzales Street, an officer with LVPD noticed a man running through the backyard of the residence. That man would later be identified as 41-year-old Mark Carrillo, who is being held at the San Miguel County Detention Center awaiting his next court appearance.

When the officer saw Carrillo running, he believed he may be connected to the harassment case, or that he’d been attempting to break into another home, according to a statement of probable cause filed in San Miguel Magistrate Court.

The officer chased after Carrillo, but before he caught up with him, Carrillo climbed an 8-foot tall fence. Balancing on the top of the fence as he leaned against a light pole, Carrillo demanded to see a warrant.

According to the court filing, Carrillo repeatedly yelled, “(expletive) you, where’s your warrant?” The officer asked Carrillo why he’d been running, but Carrillo had questions of his own, asking the officer, “Why are you here? Did you get called here?” Carrillo then jumped from the fence, landing on the side opposite the officer.

The officer said Carrillo then picked up a large board — described in one court filing as a two-by-four and as a two-by-two in another — and threw the board at the officer from the other side of the fence. The officer put up his arms to block it from hitting him in the face, and the board struck him in both arms.

The officer then climbed the fence and attempted to restrain Carrillo. He said Carrillo pushed him, then struck him in the chest multiple times with a closed fist.

The officer took Carrillo to the ground, where Carrillo continued to struggle, and he attempted to strike the officer several more times. According to the officer, when he began handcuffing Carrillo, he attempted to strike the officer in the face.

Carrillo continued to struggle with the officer, so he placed Carrillo in a chokehold, which allowed him to fully handcuff Carrillo. But once both men were on their feet, and the officer was attempting to search Carrillo, he attempted to elbow the officer in the face. The officer again took Carrillo to the ground and Carrillo began complaining of pain in his left ankle, saying it was broken.

The officer transported Carrillo to the hospital where he was treated for injuries that required Carrillo to be in a wheelchair while at the hospital, but the extent of his injuries are not specified in court fillings. While at the hospital, Carrillo continued to yell, swearing at the officer as well as members of the hospital’s staff.

Once hospital staff cleared Carrillo, he was transported to the San Miguel County Detention Center. Bond was later set at $5,000, but as of this writing, Carrillo remains in custody at the San Miguel County Detention Center.

Carrillo was charged with aggravated battery on a police officer with a deadly weapon, a third degree felony; battery on a police officer, a fourth degree felony; and resisting an officer, a misdemeanor. His next court date is scheduled for Sept. 18 in Magistrate court.