Lithia Opens New Facility in Las Vegas

The Lithia Motors of Santa Fe automobile sales and service center in Las Vegas is now in operation on North Seventh Street.  Lithia Motors, Inc., is one of America’s largest automotive retailers featuring most domestic and import franchises.  Their stores serve urban and rural populations throughout the Western and Midwest United States.

Here in Las Vegas, Lithia is presently selling only used cars.   The sales and service staffs are largely drawn from the Las Vegas workforce.  The facility, located in the old Enchantment Motors site, is pretty bare bones at the moment, but has sold several cars and serviced many others.

The Lithia organization started in 1946 as a Chrysler-Plymouth-Dodge dealership in Ashland, Oreg. and grew to include 5 stores and 19 franchises in Southern Oregon.  In December 1996, this collection of dealerships became a publicly traded company (NYSE stock symbol-LAD).

Lithia's web site says the company is "focused on providing customers with an honest and simpler buying and service experience . .  . giving customers straightforward information so that they can make confident decisions."

The company says it believes that its local communities are its lifeblood.  In addition to the employment opportunities Lithia provides in each of its neighborhoods, the company also provides contributions to charitable organizations that serve its families, friends, and customers.