Light, Wood, Wax, Fire - Poetry Reading

11/10/2012 - 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Poetry Reading

          Barbara Rockman and Lauren Camp

          Barbara Rockmanis the author of Sting and Nest, winner of the 2012 National Federation of Press Women Poetry Book Prize. She is the editor of the anthology, Women Becoming Poems.  Recipient of two Pushcart Prize nominations, she has been recognized with the New Mexico Discovery Award, Southwest Writers Prize, The MacGuffin Poets Hunt Award, and the Baskerville Publisher’s Prize.  Her poems appear widely in journals and anthologies.  Barbara’s poems explore the domestic themes of motherhood, marriage and family in an unsentimental and often surprising voice.

            Lauren Camp is motivated by the mysterious worlds of visual art, poetry and sound. She is the       host of KSFR 101.1 FM’s “Audio Saucepan” show on Sunday evenings, and an acclaimed fiberartist. The author of the poetry collection, This Business of Wisdom, she has also guest-edited   special sections for World Literature Today on jazz poetry and for Malpais Review on the poetry   of Iraq. She will be part of the upcoming Earth Chronicles documentary and exhibit, spotlighting  creative thinkers in New Mexico. Lauren writes frequently for Which Silk Shirt, a blog about poetry  and other fine writing.