Letters to the Editor, Sunday, April 15, 2018

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World Tai Chi Day
World Tai Chi Day begins at 10 a.m. in the first time zone on our planet.
Tai Chi is all about generating good, healthy, positive energy to better ourselves and be better to all those around us.

It is this energy that is being generated and sent across the world from time zone to time zone collectively spreading the good intentions of 300 million plus Tai Chi practitioners (we’re called players) across all geographical, political, religious boundaries.

People in New Zealand, China, India, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Italy, Spain, and scores more countries participate freely in hopes of unity & peace.

One world, one breath.

So, while it may not be very well known here in Las Vegas, New Mexico, I hope that you will find it worthy of a upcoming community event post.

Join more than 70 nations Saturday, April 28 in participating in the “Ride the Wave of Energy” to recognize World Tai Chi and Qigong Day. The Las Vegas event takes place from 10 a.m. to noon in the Sala de Madrid Building, Eighth Street and University Avenue.

You may Google World Tai Chi Day, you’ll be amazed at some of the photos.

John Arnold, Las Vegas

Donald Trump is finally getting the Executive Branch that he always wanted. Many of his initial appointments had at least some claim to respectability and qualifications for their posts.

But now, our Reality-Star-in-Chief is replacing them with sleazy charlatans who are not really professionals in their fields; they just play them on TV.

It is said that he wanted advisers with whom he felt more comfortable. Well, he should be right at home with this new crew.

Adele Zimmerman, Embudo

Thanks for the nickel
Well, we finally received a Social Security Benefit increase.
I don’t know how much the increase was, but my benefit’s take home amounted to one dollar ($1). Since my benefits are still being taxed at 85 percent, this means that eight-five cents ($0.85) of my one dollar will be subject to federal and state taxes.
I am still pondering what luxury I will spend my five cents ($0.05) on.
I understand that the tax law has been changed; however, I believe that the 20-year-old-plus worksheet can still be revised to allow for the increases in pensions and other taxable income from the date that the worksheet change which President Bill Clinton made in the mid-1990s.
I am too old to carry on my one-man crusade on updating the worksheet.

Robert E . Gallegos, Las Vegas

Mil Gracias
All hospitals have patients who like them and patients who don’t. I would like to take a little bit of your time to give you my opinion of own hospital, Alta Vista.
I was recently a patient at Alta Vista and I find it very hard to come up with even the smallest negative about them. All of the staff — from the young lady who is working her way through college by cleaning floors and emptying trash cans to the doctors who worked on me — were courteous and competent.
Dr. (Candy) Burkenbine and Dr. (Harrison) Wood were very helpful in explaining my problems to me. I had three people who were my caregivers during my stay. My daytime RN was Loriann Garcia, my nighttime RN was Toby Messengelo and my nighttime RT was Kevin Miller.

The service these three professionals gave me was above and beyond the call of duty. If I rang the bell, they were there — for whatever I needed, from the most minor problem to the biggest.
I thank them and the rest of the staff for taking such good care of me. I would recommend Alta Vista Hospital to anybody who asks me.

Don Dennis, Las Vegas