Letters to the Editor - Nov. 6, 2016

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Regensberg ads are misleading
The purpose of this letter is inform the citizens of Mora County and the state of New Mexico that the advertisements purchased by Mr. Jake Regensberg regarding the 2016 General Obligation Bond for the Mora County Complex do not express the views of the Mora County Board of Commissioners.

Mr. Regensberg states that his paid advertisement was “prepared under the direction of the Mora County to assist voters in reaching a decision on the merits of the General Obligation Bond Election.” Mr. Regensberg is not authorized to speak on behalf of the Mora County Board of Commissioners and any insinuation is false and misleading. Furthermore, Mr. Regensberg has made misleading written statements suggesting that the building has a 10-12 inch crack in the floor and that I “repaired” the cracks. These are completely false statements about the condition of the building and about my integrity with which I have served the people of Mora County.

The Mora County Board of Commissioners is committed to completing the Mora County Complex and has worked tirelessly to accomplish this endeavor through collaboration with the New Mexico Legislature, the Administrative Office of the Courts, the Fourth Judicial District Court, the Mora Magistrate Courts and numerous other entities. The Commission is prepared to enter into a 30-year lease with the Administrative Office of the Courts to house the district and magistrate courts. This lease will generate approximately $5,156,455 in revenue. Approximately $1,990,696 has been appropriated from the New Mexico Legislature (FY-13 SB 60, HB 337, FY-14-HB55) and Mora County General Funds. Pursuant to a duly enacted Gross Receipts Tax in Mora County, an additional $2,456,109 shall be generated towards the construction.

HB Construction and Chavez/Grieves have been competitively selected to complete the next phase of the Mora County Complex. RBC Capital Markets and the Modrall Sperling Law Firm have been retained to serve as finance advisors for the entire completion of the Complex. Lastly, the Commission has retained the law firm of Sawtell, Wirth & Biedscheid, P.C. to investigate any malfeasance or criminal activity that may have been perpetrated on the taxpayers of New Mexico in the initial phase of the Complex.

The 2016 General Obligation Bond shall generate an additional $1,765,000. The passage of this GO Bond would allow Mora County to refinance the previous bond at a lower interest rate. Therefore, your current taxes shall not increase.

However, the Bond shall extend our obligation for an additional 15 years, much like when an individual refinances a home mortgage; today’s interest rates are substantially lower than 2004.  

The passage of the GO Bond will ensure that our employees and the citizens of Mora County are in a safe and productive working environment. The citizens and employees of Mora County deserve a governmental facility that is commensurate with the honor and dignity of our proud heritage. I strongly encourage every citizen to become informed and contact our county manager if you have any questions or concerns. A complete presentation is available at www.countyofmora.com.

Paula Garcia
Mora County Commission Chairwoman

Place Luna under Highlands’ control
The only way to stop the practice of nepotism that we have known has existed for years at Luna, is to put the day-to-day operation under the administration of Highlands University.

Yes, President Leroy “Huero” Sanchez may be asked to leave or resign (which I doubt he will do) but he will be replaced with another person that will take the institution to more depths. The problem is not only with Huero and his cronies but more importantly with the trustees.

They have been a mess for years. They have no clue on how to run an institution, and, thus, individuals like Huero run amok in his decisions in selecting individuals to run the university. If you are not related or owed political payback, your chances of securing a position at Luna is minimal.

The Department of Higher Education has waved off the many issues that have plagued Luna for years. I was surprised that they actually looked into the issues. If the problem is to have further transparency, how about an audit by the state to dig deeper into the situation. Who knows what they may discover.

Thank God you have an individual at Highlands that is not connected politically. If that were the case, Las Vegas would be doomed in moving forward in the area of higher education.

Be smart, put the day-to-day operation under Highlands. Having the attachment will not only improve recruiting for Highlands but more importantly the curriculum at Luna. Don’t forget many of those courses taught at Luna were at one time taught at Highlands. The issue of fiscal responsibility will once and for all be resolved.

Darwin Ludi
Chula Vista, Calif.

Mil Gracias
Thanks to the many readers of the Las Vegas community, the recent AAUW Fall Used Book Sale was a great success.

Sala de Madrid was filled with donated books – print and audio, for all ages – all fiction genres, and most non-fiction genres. Many dedicated readers browsed, bought, and helped sort books. Thank you all.

Thanks also to Highlands University for the use of Sala de Madrid, the perfect location for our sale, the Facilities people for the set-up, and Margaret Gonzales, Director of Campus Life, for looking out for us. The Donnelly Library carts lent by April Kent simplified book-sorting. Thanks also to the Optic, KFUN radio station, and the Las Vegas Arts Council for sale publicity. We are also grateful to many community members for helping us move the books into and out of Sala de Madrid before and after the sale.

AAUW is a national organization founded in 1881 to improve the lives of women and girls and their families in multiple ways. The local Las Vegas branch carries on this mission. The approximately $2,500 raised from this book sale will be used to support educational programs such as Girls Can and Tech Trek New Mexico as well as helping provide scholarships for non-traditional NMHU women students.

We also are happy to accept donated books in good condition all year round. Just ask any AAUW member.

We are fortunate to live in a community that reads and values books. Supporting literacy and the enjoyment of reading benefits us all. Thank you.

Phyllis Ludi
AAUW — Las Vegas Book Sale Coordinator