Letters to the Editor - Nov. 27, 2016

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Abortion will always be available to affluent

So soon-to-be President Trump would like to outlaw abortions or allow states to do so, if they so choose. Does he understand the consequences?

Abortion will still be available to those with money — always has, always will. But lower income women will be forced to bear unwanted children.  

These children will be abandoned at birth to institutions or raised in poverty and possibly abuse, and will be largely unadoptable. They will require public assistance — possibly for their entire lives — and many will find their way into the justice system and cause further social and economic chaos.

And, Mr. Trump, guess what?  A large number of them will be members of the very minority populations who so terrify you.  Think of it ­— millions and millions more of them, swarming all over your “great” America.  Your worst nightmare!

Adele E. Zimmermann

Mil Gracias

As the Las Vegas Youth Soccer League wraps up the 2016 Fall season, we are proud to announce our all-volunteer league brought together nearly 50 coaches and assistant coaches from 24 teams to guide almost 300 children through 10 weeks of practices and over 110 games! We have many people to thank for this community effort.

Thanks to first time League Manager Alysha Vigil for her administrative support, and Amber Weise for helping coordinate fundraising.

Thanks to Dave Kavanaugh and the Las Vegas Optic for their fair and frequent mentions of registration deadlines, game schedules, and photo features.

Thank you to coach Morgan Montaño for taking charge of the U6 and U8 fields,  to Baca Broadcasting (KFUN) for allowing us to make our public announcements and to Wal-Mart and Walgreens for allowing us to put up banners.

We thank the City of Las Vegas, especially Jeff Rudolph, for helping us make our fields safe for play.

We thank the United World College for once again allowing our U13 division to play full-field games on their beautiful campus.

Thanks to Robertson High School and NMHU for providing alternative practice fields and contingency game locations.  

Thanks to Liz Probst Photography and GnS Designs for providing the League a local solution for photography and T-shirts. Their competitive pricing and flexibility helped us keep our money local, and we love that!

We thank our LVYSL board members and our team selection committee for their support and commitment to help ensure the league is complying with protocol and developing to meet the needs of our youth.

Finally, we thank our genuine and amazing coaches, parents, referees and volunteers! They are the backbone of the LVYSL and take on a great responsibility to help shape our children’s perception of teamwork and sportsmanship in a positive and encouraging manner.  

The LVYSL is a recreation program focused on skill building while fostering teamwork, commitment, confidence and respect in our youth both on and off the field. We are always seeking volunteers to grow our family. Apologies if we forgot any mentions; we look forward to seeing you in the spring!

Ron and Shannon Doss
Presidents, Las Vegas
Youth Soccer League