LETTER: Fifth councilor not the solution

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By Milton Deemer

In response to the idea of a fifth council member being suggested by Cruz Roybal and Morris Madrid, may I remind them that the council already has a fifth member, in the personage of his honor the mayor.  His job is to break those tie votes and he does represent the entire town.

If a fifth council member slot is created, either as a councilor-at-large or as a representative of a fifth ward, the mayor’s position then becomes one of moderator.  

Now, if you want to create a fifth ward councilor in lieu of the mayor’s position, that would be fine. The councilors could trade  around the moderator position at meetings and the city manager could make the day-to-day decisions. Actually, the government might run more smoothly.

May I also remind councilors Roybal and Madrid that there were an even number of council members for years when there were eight members and no one complained then. Instead of participating in an adversarial relationship among council members, where a tie vote is far too common, why not try working together to arrive at an acceptable solution for everyone?

Milton Deemer

Las Vegas