Letter: Anonymous comments cowardly

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By The Staff

This is my second letter to the Optic regarding (online reader comments) about Phil Warfield (Re: front-page story on Jan. 29). The first was Jan. 30 sent by the Postal Service and today, Feb. 2, sent by e-mail.

Thank you to the person who sent “Think about it ...” and, yes, it has been so hurtful to read such demeaning things about my son.  But you know what, I can handle it,  because I know him much better than those who write in to slander him and call him those ugly names.  I can write my name or make it known as to who I am to anything I have to say about something or someone I don’t approve of. I think I’ve proven that in previous letters to the Optic and we know that cowards do things differently. Continue sticking your heads in the sand.

What is right will endure and we will be able to handle and accept whatever transpires from this ugly situation.

Dorothy L. Maese Warfield Atkins

Las Vegas