The Las Vegas Optic No.1 source for advertising.

The Las Vegas Optic still remains the No. 1 source for advertising and local news and the most trusted information in the area.

The information provided is from a Pulse Research Inc. survey of 2,035 readers from the Las Vegas area in January 2011.

95% have read the newspaper in the last month

89.1% have read a local daily newspaper.

92.4% have read a local newspaper in the last week.

Survey Question: How often do you read the following in local newspapers?

Always Frequently Occasionally Never
Classified: 34.1% 25.1% 34.6% 6.1%

Retail Ads: 43.4% 33.6% 21.3% 1.6%

Ad Inserts: 41% 32.1% 23.1% 3.7%

Survey Question: What media is your primary source of local retail store advertising information, information about sales, and where to shop in your local area?

National Daily Newspaper: 1.8%

Local Daily Newspapers: 50%

Radio: 2.3%

Television: 10.6%

Internet: 10%

Billboards: 0.2%

Word of Mouth: 6.4%

The Las Vegas Optic continues to be the best medium for reaching into the San Miguel and Mora county markets. What's more, our online audience is second to none, with more than 200,000 visitors per month. Let us show you how many of our readers could be your customers.

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