Jail Log Sunday's Optic, June 2, 2019

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The following individuals were booked into the San Miguel County Detention Center between May 22 and May 29, 2019:

  • Raymond Lee Crespin, Bench Warrant Failure To Appear/Failure To Pay.
  • Vanessa Natasha Garcia, Parole Violation (Adult).
  • Devin F. Morales, Apo Arrest Order.
  • Jennifer J. Cruz, Disorderly Conduct.
  •  Amor A. Esperanza, Disorderly Conduct, Resisting, Evading Or Obstructing An Officer (Arrest).
  • Jasmine M. Gallegos, Bench Warrant Fta/Ftp.
  • Janel C. Gallegos, Criminal Damage To Property (Household Member) (Over $1,000) - Attempt, Aggravated Assault (Deadly Weapon) (Household Member), Use Or Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia.
  • Jose F. Garcia, Aggravated Battery (Deadly Weapon) (Household Member) - Attempt.
  • George M. Montoya, Larceny ( Over $250 But Not More Than $500).
  • Jeremy Joseph Bustos, Bench Warrant Fta/Ftp.
  • Cruz S. Chavez, Aggravated Second DWI (.16 Or More).
  • Lanette M. Romero, Apo Arrest Order.
  • Kimberly Margie Lucero, Bench Warrant Fta/Ftp.
  • Mary Lou Martinez, Embezzlement (Over $2500).
  • Henrietta Lovato, Bench Warrant Fta/Ftp.
  • Richard Daniel Conway, Bench Warrant Fta/Ftp, Apo Arrest Order.
  • Carlos L. Martinez-Ortega, Bench Warrant Fta/Ftp.
  • Bobby J. Madrid, Bench Warrant Fta/Ftp, Aggravated Battery (Household Member) (third Offense) - Attempt.
  • Eli Addington, Bench Warrant, Fta/Ftp.
  • Jeremy R. Gonzales, Driving Under The Influence Of Liquor (Impaired)(first), Driving While License Suspended Or Revoked (Not For DWI).
  • Carlo James Solano, Aggravated Assault (Deadly Weapon) - Solicitation, Two Counts.
  • Ruben A. Quintana, Breaking And Entering, Two Counts; Possession Of A Controlled Substance (Felony).
  • Matthew J. Silva, Driving Under The Influence Of Drugs (first), Two Counts; Apo Arrest Order; Careless Driving (Careless, Inattentive Or Imprudent).
  • Eric Allen Flores, Bench Warrant Fta/Ftp.
  • Amber J. Archuleta, Resisting, Evading Or Obstructing An Officer (Arrest); Bench Warrant Fta/Ftp, Two Counts.
  • Dominick R. Baca, Escape From A Community Custody Release Program - Person With Felony Charge, Two Counts.
  • Cruz Gallegos, Bench Warrant Fta/Ftp; Larceny ($250 Or Less); Aggravated Assault Upon A Peace Officer (Deadly Weapon), Two Counts; Resisting, Evading Or Obstructing An Officer (Resisting), Criminal Trespass (Posted), Aggravated Battery, Aggravated Assault (Deadly Weapon) - Solicitation.
  • Talena M. Romero, Aggravated Fleeing A Law Enforcement Officer.
  • Miguel Diego Romero, Aggravated Battery.
  • Lynette Romero, Judgement And Sentence.
  • Conrad Atencio, Bench Warrant Fta/Ftp.
  • Stephanie M.        Jaramillo, Probation Violation (Adult).
  • Carolina M. Garcia, Bench Warrant Fta/Ftp.
  • Jerome Pacheco, Apo Arrest Order.
  • Eugene Archuleta, Apo Arrest Order.
  • Raul Sanchez, Apo Arrest Order.
  • Marcus A. Quintana, Confinement Order.
  • Andreques Gallegos, Bench Warrant Fta/Ftp.
  • Edgar Jay Arguello, Bench Warrant Fta/Ftp.
  • Rachel C. Hill, Abuse Of Glue Or Aerosol Spray.
  • Benjie L. Archuleta, Bench Warrant Fta/Ftp, Apo Arrest Order.
  • Catherine Archuleta, Bench Warrant Fta/Ftp.
  • Jose Leroy Valdez, Bench Warrant Fta/Ftp.
  • Adrian Apodaca, Failure To Appear At Time And Place Stated In Citation.
  • Derek Andrade, Resisting Arrest, Shoplifting.
  • Joseph Esquibel, Criminal Damage To Property, Battery.
  • Aaron J. Salazar, Apo Arrest Order.
  • Dolores Salazar, Bench Warrant Failure To Comply; Bench Warrant Fta/Ftp, Two Counts.
  • Source: San Miguel County Detention Center

The people listed in this jail log are not necessarily guilty of the charges and may later be found innocent. If your name is listed and you are later found not guilty, bring your papers by the Las Vegas Optic, 720 University Ave., Suite B, and we’ll publish an update.