HU Roundballers Sure Could've Used Monzano & Markevicius vs Metro State...Losing by 20

Make no mistake about it, Metro State has an outstanding basketball squad, and very worthy of a #3 ranking in NCAA Division II. And despite losing two straight to HU last year, mainly from the "M&M" Juniors (Monzano & Markevicious), this opening Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC) game in Denver showed how badly the 'Pokes missed their two RMAC All-Stars, who combined 34.6 points.


During the first half Metro State showed the HU 'Pokes how the game is played, leading 38-21 at the half. HU couldn't get closer than 11 points throughout the game, once closing the gap with 3:32 left, to 73-62. However Metro State hit 11 of 14 from the charity stripe to win by 20, 88-68.

Metro State had four players in double digits, Highlands only had two, Momcilo Latinovic, 17; and Mike Moody, 10.

With the "M&M" All-Stars, the score would've been vastly different. And one could imagine the lofty HU rating in Division II hoops. Would-A, Could-A, Should-A!