HU Athletics Should Institute Character Background Checks

With the recent arrests of football and baseball players at HU,doesn't it make sense to have character background checks, whether men or women, of ALL student-athletes?

It would eliminate the red faces at HU and give peace of mind to all parents that their loved student-athletes are with those of high moral character!

Back in the mid-late 60's & early 70's HU was known to be an "Outlaw School."
Which meant many jocks had flunked out at other colleges before attending HU.
One who comes to mind was 3-time Little All-American football player Carl Garrett who was continually getting into fisticuffs & bailed out of jail. Garrett, since his NFL playing days, has been in two state prisons.

Its a process, in my opinion that's long overdue!Don't "Poke Along" on this one, Cowpokes! Mandate a character background check and strictly enforce it.

John O'Groats