Here we go again

Welcome to the Optic's new readers forum. You may remember that last summer I pulled the plug on reader comments at the end of our story postings because of a few anonymous writers with nothing to lose and everything to smear. But now, with our new website configuration, I thinking we'll be able to have better conversations.

So write away on this or any of the other three forums I created for discussions. But, please, remember a few things about how to "talk" with one another:  

• Stick to the topic or issue; no need to get personal. Reverting to cheap shots such as name calling, whether directed at a newsmaker or another forum participant, only demonstrates your own weaknesses. Build reasonable arguments.

• Don't be a cyberbully. And if someone tries to cyberbully you, don't let it get to you. The bully is the fool, not you.

• Stay away from unsubstantiated rumors and innuendo. That's the kind of garbage that led me to pull the plug on the comments earlier this year.

That said, let the discussions begin.

— Tom McDonald, editor/publisher, Las Vegas Optic