Heinrich’s foe makes appearance in Vegas

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By Ryan Lowery

U.S. Senate candidate Mick Rich made a stop in Las Vegas on Thursday afternoon to address a small group of people at the San Miguel County GOP Headquarters on Bridge Street.

The event was touted as a discussion on combating opioid abuse and overdose fatalities; however, neither topic was discussed. Instead, Rich sat down with a handful of supporters to talk about his vision for New Mexico, and to allow those in attendance a chance to voice concerns and ask questions.

Before the town hall began, the event’s host, William Daniels, asked one attendee to leave. According to Daniels, the woman he removed was with the Democratic Party. He then locked the doors. Rich told Daniels locking the doors wasn’t necessary, but Daniels refused to unlock them, and the doors remained locked throughout the event.

“It’s not about her,” Daniels said. “You do realize there’s an insane asylum in this town? We have a lot of people on the street. I try to be as welcoming as I can, but I didn’t want us to be disturbed.”

Once the town hall finally got under way, Rich mostly spoke about jobs and New Mexico’s economy.

“I traveled the state, met with people, and I said, ‘What’s important?’ And they told me it’s good-paying jobs and great opportunities. It’s about safe and secure communities. It’s about getting the federal government out of classrooms and letting teachers teach.”

In the U.S. Senate race, New Mexico voters will choose Nov. 6 between current senator Democrat Martin Heinrich; Rich, the Republican; and Libertarian Aubrey Dunn.

Rich also excoriated one of his opponents, Democratic incumbent Sen. Martin Heinrich, over fighter jets at Holloman Air Force Base.

“We have a senator in Washington who is out of touch with the needs of New Mexicans,” Rich said. “We lost our F-16s with our Air National Guard. We are the only Air National Guard in the United States that has an Air National Guard and no airplanes. Even Puerto Rico has airplanes. Holloman has hosted the world’s most advanced fighter jets anywhere, and we had that legacy for decades. That’s gone.”

Rich further criticized Heinrich for not spending enough time in New Mexico, and for listing Silver Spring, Maryland as his home on a fishing license.

“I want to make it clear that New Mexico will always be home for me,” Rich said.

He further chided Heinrich and other Democrats for devoting too much time on efforts to prevent the Trump administration from reducing the size of New Mexico’s national monuments.

“I’ve never heard anyone talk about leaving our state because Colorado’s got more wilderness and more monuments,” Rich said. “People are leaving our state because they’re getting better paying jobs and better opportunities. We need good opportunities here.”