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By The Staff

Thumbs DOWN to ... POOR COMMUNICATION. The manner in which the East and West school districts announced Thursday’s school cancelations because of the snow was pathetic. At first, the announcement on the radio was that the schools were on a two-hour delay; then word that the entire school day was canceled got out about two hours later — even though it was clear around sunrise that a full snowday would need to be taken.

Plus, after the snowday was finally announced, we were told that the closings were announced on the Albuquerque television stations — but by then many parents had gone to work. As far as we could tell, it never was announced on the radio until well after the news was being spread via texting.

As we go into the winter season, we need a better approach to announcing delays and cancelations. Otherwise, it could be a long and frustrating winter for teachers, parents and students alike.

Thumbs DOWN to ... FAIR PROCESS NEEDED. On Wednesday, city staffers informed the Las Vegas City Council that they were talking with developers about planned public housing construction projects. The next day, Carlos Ortiz, the city’s public works director, told a radio host that officials had spoken with Frank Koppler, a Santa Fe businessman, about potential projects, possibly at the site of the old development on Mills Avenue, which was demolished three years ago.

Koppler is teamed up with state Sen. Phil Griego, D-San Jose, in their proposals for local projects. We know local politicians give our state lawmakers a great amount of deference, probably because we live in a town dependent on state government. But we don’t think Koppler, with his political connections, should get any kind of advantage in a competitive bidding process. In fact, we’d rather the city stop such talks with developers such as Koppler, so as to avoid any charges of unfairness.

City officials promise to be extra careful in this process, and we hope they keep their word. This decision can’t be based on political connections; it must be made with the best interest of the community at heart.

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“With all due respect, Kenny, I have seen you on the sidelines,” Ludi said.

— Christine Ludi to Kenny Lujan, as West Las Vegas Schools board members discuss parent volunteers who allegedly attempt to control coaches from the sidelines.