Capsule a gift to future students

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By Mercy Lopez

Fifty years from now, Highlands students, faculty and staff will  dig up a time capsule set to be buried near the recently completed student center.

The capsule is filled with mementos and memorabilia, everything from photos and videos to a recent Optic and a camera card with photos taken this week. Items from this weekend’s birthday celebration will also be added before it’s buried next week.

Items placed inside the capsule will indicate to people in 2063 what the university was like in 2013, Highlands President Jim Fries said during a Wednesday ceremony held near where the capsule will be sealed.

Fries joked that those opening the capsule might have to go to a museum to play the CDs and other electronic items included.

“This is just another tremendous way for us to enhance our legacy for the people 50 years from now to get a better understanding on what Highlands was like in 2013.” Fries said.