Buy downstream water rights

From today's New Mexican:  "The city of Santa Fe has spent more than $1 million to purchase water rights in the Middle Rio Grande Basin in the last five years, in an effort to stabilize the municipal water supply for the future.  Officials have already approved spending nearly $1 million more on pending purchases."

The good news in this story for Santa Fe area residents is obvious, and such a headline in our local paper about our local situration would be music to most ears.

But there is another side to the story.  Farmers in the area where the water rights originated are concerned, as are environmentalists with an interest in the overall Rio Grande ecosystem.  The headline of the story references a report mentioned near the end of the story that the Western Governors Association has issued a report warning that transfers of water rights in the West to urban areas "are likeluy to have an adverse impact on other water users and the environment."

The jump headline on page 4 points out that a hearing officer has ruled that the downstream farmers and Rio Grande environmentalists, as the story says on page 1, "didn't prove a close enough connection to the case to be involved"

Would that we could have such a controversy here in Las Vegas over all the new water rights we could have been gathering over the past 60 years or so.