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New Mexico Environment
Department –
Ground Water Quality
The New Mexico Environment
(NMED) Ground
Water Quality Bureau
(GWQB) hereby provides
notice that the
following Groundwater
Discharge Permits have
been proposed for approval.
NMED will allow
30 days after the date
of publication of this
notice for submittal of
written comments and/
or a request for a public
hearing for a permitting
action. You can add
the comment period to
your calendar through
our Events Calendar
located at https://www.
for public hearing shall
be in writing and shall
set forth the reasons
why a hearing should
be held. A hearing will
be held if NMED determines
that there is substantial
public interest.
After the administrative
record for a permitting
action is complete and
all required information
is available, NMED will
approve, approve with
conditions, or disapprove
the Permit based
on the administrative record.
NMED maintains
a Public Involvement
Plan (PIP) for each permitting
action to plan for
providing public participation
opportunities and
information that may
be needed for the community
to participate in
a permitting process.
PIPs may be viewed online
at https://www.env.,
at the NMED field office
nearest to the proposed
permitted activity, or by
contacting the NMED
Permit Contact identified
below. NMED also
maintains facility-specific
mailing lists for persons
wishing to receive
associated notices for
a permitting action. To
learn more about a Discharge
Permit and the
permitting process, to
be placed on a facilityspecific
mailing list, or to
obtain a copy of a draft
permit or PIP, please
contact the NMED Permit
Contact at the telephone
number or address
provided below.
Draft permits may be
viewed on-line at https://
www. e n v. n m . g o v /
public-notices/ under
the tab for the facility’s
county. Comments or a
request for hearing regarding
a draft permit
should be addressed
to the GWQB, PO Box
5469, Santa Fe, NM
87502-5469, or emailed
to the NMED Permit
Contact. If you are a
non-English speaker,
do not speak English
well, or if you have a
disability, you may contact
the NMED Permit
Contact to request assistance,
an interpreter,
or an auxiliary aid in order
to learn more about
a Discharge Permit or
the permitting process,
or to participate in activities
associated with
the permitting process.
To the extent possible,
NMED will arrange for
requested interpretation
services and accommodations
or services
for persons with
disabilities. Telephone
conversation assistance
is available through Relay
New Mexico at no
charge for people who
are deaf, hard of hearing,
or have difficulty
speaking on the phone,
by calling 1-800-659-
1779; Spanish: 1-800-
327-1857; TTY users:
1-800-659-8331. Telephone
assistance for persons
that are a non-English
speaker or do not speak
English well is available
at no charge when calling
not discriminate on the
basis of race, color, national
origin, disability,
age or sex in the administration
of its programs
or activities, as required
by applicable laws and
regulations. NMED is
responsible for coordination
of compliance
efforts and receipt of inquiries
concerning nondiscrimination
implemented by
40 C.F.R. Parts 5 and 7,
including Title VI of the
Civil Rights Act of 1964,
as amended; Section
504 of the Rehabilitation
Act of 1973; the
Age Discrimination Act
of 1975, Title IX of the
Education Amendments
of 1972, and Section
13 of the Federal Water
Pollution Control Act
Amendments of 1972. If
you have any questions
about this notice or any
of NMED’s non- discrimination
policies or procedures,
you may contact:
Kathryn Becker, Non-
Discrimination Coordinator,
New Mexico
Environment Department,
1190 St. Francis
Dr., Suite N4050, P.O.
Box 5469, Santa Fe,
NM 87502, (505) 827-
2855, nd.coordinator@ If you
believe that you have
been discriminated
against with respect to
a NMED program or activity,
you may contact
the Non-Discrimination
Coordinator identified
above or visit our
website at https://www.
new-mexico/ to learn
how and where to file a
complaint of discrimination.
DP-872, Pendaries
RV Park: Rociada Properties
Inc. proposes to
renew the Discharge
Permit for the discharge
of up to 11,600 gallons
per day of domestic
wastewater to a treatment
and disposal system.
Potential contaminants
from this type of
discharge include nitrogen
compounds. The
facility is located at mile
marker 3 on NM Hwy
105, approximately 2
miles northeast of Rociada,
in Sections 23
and 26, T19N, R15E,
San Miguel County.
Groundwater most likely
to be affected is at a
depth of approximately
60 feet and had a predischarge
total dissolved
solids concentration
of 187 milligrams
per liter. Applicant:
Michael Gregory, President,
Rociada Properties
Inc., PO Box 697,
Rociada, NM 87742.
NMED Permit Contact:
Avery Young, Environmental
Scientist, Avery.,
Telephone: 505-699-
8564. The Public Involvement
Plan may be
viewed online at https://
notices/ or at the
NMED office in Las Vegas:
2538 Ridgerunner
Road, Las Vegas, NM
PUB: Las Vegas Optic,
Jan 14, 2022