en Never, ever double-space — ever <p> Doing research through old microfilms of the Optic, at Highlands&rsquo; Donnelly Library, I soon thought of abandoning the project &mdash; for several reasons.</p> <p> For years, a laboratory somewhere would take each issue of the Optic, photograph it and convert it to a 35mm reel of film that contained the days&rsquo; news. But that didn&rsquo;t make things perfect.</p> Single-payer has benefit for most <p> By Craig Abalos of the Roswell Daily Record &mdash; originally published July 13.<br /> <br /> Even the most passionate pro-business advocates would be hard-pressed to disagree with that. As a culture, perhaps even as a species, we tend to value stalwart ideals.</p> <p> We appreciate strength and consistency far more than we do the less tangible characteristics of gracefulness and adaptability. Throughout history, mankind has often clung to the old ways despite overwhelming evidence that doing so might spell disaster.</p> Editorial Cartoon - July 23, 2017 <img src="" alt="" title="" align="left" hspace="6" /> Just a Thought: Let’s stop avoiding ‘I don’t have time for that’ <p> By Rick Kraft</p> <p> How often do we say &ldquo;I don&rsquo;t have time for that&rdquo;? In reality, it is not really a time issue, it is a priority issue. What we really mean to say is &ldquo;that&rdquo; is not a priority to me.</p> <p> We are all creatures of habit. It would be interesting if you took out a sheet of paper and wrote down every one of your habits. You would likely fill a page with your repetitive actions.</p> Salazar is new chair of pension committee <p> NOTE: This item was submitted to the Optic by the office of the New Mexico Legislature Speaker of the House of Representatives.<br /> <br /> As New Mexico&rsquo;s inter- im&nbsp;&nbsp; legislative committees begin their hearings, Rep.Tom&aacute;s Salazar (D-San Miguel, Santa Fe, Torrance) is pleased as he opens the Investment Pensions and Oversight Committee as its new chairman.</p> Babbling Brooks - Great customer service should be the bare minimum <p> There are plenty of businesses and government or nonprofit organizations providing fine customer service around Las Vegas. If you are a retail business owner who pays attention to nearly every detail and has a vested interest in growing the customer base, I salute you, and keep up the hard work that has got you to this point.</p> <p> However, if you&rsquo;re the owner of one of the Vegas businesses in the following categories, I really hope you have younger new customers in mind, and I hope you can find the resources to improve in some key areas.</p> Letters to the Editor - July 23, 2017 <p> <strong>Media, report facts</strong><br /> In response to the essay by John Stossel run as an editorial in the July 16 edition of the Optic, I want to make the following observations. Stossel says the media (I assume he means the news media) hates the current president and so they &ldquo;leap on every anti-Trump rumor.&rdquo;</p> <p> The job of the news media is to report the news and for years, fortunately or unfortunately, they have considered rumors to be newsworthy.</p> <p> During that time rumors have been reported as news without regard to the individual under scrutiny.</p> Editorial Cartoon - July 21, 2017 <img src="" alt="" title="" align="left" hspace="6" />