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  • Thumbs Jan. 1, 2015


  • Here’s a personal take on a year of newsy columns

    When thinking back on 2015, it’s hard not to get personal. It was a significant year for me as well as for the rest of the world.

    I’ve been writing this column since May 2013. I call it Dispatch New Mexico, though your local newspaper editor might call it something else: “filler” is one word that comes to mind; “brilliant insight” far less often. I started writing it at the same time I launched a statewide news service named the Community News Exchange, or CNEx, which serves mainly small-town newspapers around the state.

  • Two little towns: Gstaad, Switzerland and Las Vegas, NM

    At the age of 29, I moved to the Swiss Alps with my five-week-old daughter. I was a brand-new mother and had never even bathed a baby until Sarah came along. The village doctor told us Sarah had a club foot which necessitated a two hour trip to Bern where an orthopedic surgeon wrapped her left foot in a brace with gauze and plaster.

    “Your daughter will be growing quickly. We will change the cast every three weeks. You must remove the cast before your next appointment. Put your baby in a warm bath to remove it.”

  • Editorial Cartoon - Dec. 30, 2015
  • Editorial: Don’t drink and drive

    As we prepare to wrap up another year and begin a new one, many of us will go out to celebrate. New Year’s Eve celebrations — and the drinking that often accompanies them — are nothing new. Unfortunately, neither are the tragedies that so often occur when someone decides to get behind the wheel after consuming one too many alcoholic beverages.

    It just isn’t worth it.

  • Work of Art;: having cake, eating it too

    And why exactly can’t a person have his cake and eat it too? That expression bothered me for years, and I think I have the hang of it now.

    As I alluded to in a column earlier this month, it’s difficult for people to agree on the meanings of terms we toss around, sometimes cavalierly.

    For example, my friend and co-writer Lupita Gonzales says “having an ax to grind” refers to a person seeking a favor. That person carries a dull ax in hopes of getting it sharpened, free of charge.

  • Editorial Cartoon - Dec. 27, 2015
  • Editorial: Time to find middle ground

    Members of New Mexico’s Democratic congressional delegation announced last week that our state may be able to get more time to come into compliance with the federal REAL ID Act — but only if the governor and state lawmakers can reach agreement by Jan. 10 on a plan to bring the state into compliance.