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  • Letters to the Editor - Oct. 10, 2014

    We are a nation of immigrants
    Recently, I received from a friend in Iowa several forwarded emails regarding immigration. Usually she sends interesting humor or musical pieces. I was shocked at the racist and intolerant tone set in these. Some really sounded like the United States should be kept pure Aryan Christian (There’s an oxymoron for you!). They were frightening but couched in sometimes humorous language. I wrote the following to my friend:

  • Nuestra Historia - Gazette, Optic feud over Mexicans, one LV

    By Jesus L. Lopez

    Within a year of the railroad’s arrival in 1879, the population in east Las Vegas equaled that of west Las Vegas, and between the two communities there was great activity and bustling enterprise. As a result, businessmen in particular began to see the need for basic services which only a municipal government could provide.

    There was also an alarming need for organized law enforcement, as mayhem and violence were becoming prevalent.

  • Another Perspective: Time again to check Medicare health, drug plans

    By Bob Moss

    Now’s the time for New Mexico residents with Medicare to check their health and drug coverage for 2015.

    Medicare’s open enrollment period runs from Oct. 15 until Dec. 7.

    Open enrollment is the best time to make sure your health and drug plans still meet your individual needs, especially if you’ve had any changes in your health.

    By now insurers should have notified you of any adjustments in your health or drug coverage or any changes in your out-of-pocket costs for next year.   

  • Editorial Roundup - Oct. 10, 2014

    Compiled by The Associated Press

    The Journal Record on congratulating the newlyweds (Oct. 6):
    The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday said it would not hear any of the five same-sex marriage cases on appeal from lower courts. That means the decisions in those cases will stand.
    The five cases, including Oklahoma’s, stand in favor of same-sex marriage. More accurately, they stand in favor of equal treatment under the law.

  • Treat teachers fairly

    We like the idea of tying teacher evaluations to growth their students demonstrate on state proficiency tests.

    Teachers who manage to move their students forward by one grade level or better during a school year deserve to be recognized for that accomplishment. Similarly, teachers who aren’t moving their students forward need to know that, and they need to be given an opportunity to change the way they’re teaching so that they can get through to their students.

  • Editorial cartoon - Oct. 8, 2014
  • Work of Art — And what’s so funny?

    Probably for the rest of my life I will carry a certain amount of guiltfor things I thought and did in my childhood. Twelve years in a parochial school made a believer out of me.

    Most of my scrapes came as the result of inappropriate laughter. Why was it permissible — and even encouraged — for elementary school kids to laugh, even to guffaw, when the teacher attempted humor, but never OK for me to try instigating some laughter on my own?

  • Dollies asset to this area

    One of the feel-good features of living in the Meadow City is its diversity. For a small town, it’s phenomenal the amount of activities and groups available.

    And an important part of the equation is the willingness of groups to help out any way they can.