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  • Dispatch New Mexico - Could this be the year for capital outlay reform?

    Buried inside nearly a thousand proposals introduced so far this legislative session is a measure that could dramatically reshape how New Mexico spends its money and takes care of its infrastructure.

  • Editorial Cartoons - Feb. 15, 2017
  • Editorial Cartoons - Feb. 15, 2017
  • Another Perspective: PA treasure worth restoring

    By Bonnie Bolton

    What is a community treasure? Is it people, buildings, cultural traditions? Webster defines it as wealth, often jewels or precious metals.

    Las Vegas has many community treasures in the categories suggested. However, the most precious, in my opinion, is a 137 year-old mixture of wood, metals, leather and ivory enclosed in a Gothic box.

  • A disservice to our nation

    Editor’s note: The following editorial is from The (New London) Day (Conn.), and was originally published on Feb. 7.

    President Trump won the presidency running as an insurgent. But he barely won, receiving 46 percent of the popular vote and finishing nearly 3 million votes behind the Democratic candidate. If not for the Electoral College system, he would not be president. His unsubstantiated ranting that millions voted illegally — all against him, of course — does not change those facts.

  • Beth Speaks for Herself - Love is in the Air

    By Beth Urech

    Valentine’s Day was my mother’s birthday. When she turned 80, my brother gave her a sweatshirt proclaiming “No more birthdays! Just Valentine’s Day!” which she wore every birthday for the next 13 years. After Mother died Sep. 5, 2005, we were all involved in her memorial service.

    Thomas created the program, Sarah sang “Amazing Grace.” My mother’s middle name was Grace so that was especially fitting. I said a few words. My brother dealt with the funeral director, but that’s another story.

  • A shameful appointment

    Editor’s note: The following editorial is from The New York Times and was originally published on Feb. 7.

    “Government really sucks.” This belief, expressed by the just-confirmed education secretary, Betsy DeVos, in a 2015 speech to educators, may be the only qualification she needed for President Trump.

    Ms. DeVos is the perfect cabinet member for a president determined to appoint officials eager to destroy the agencies they run and weigh the fate of policies and programs based on ideological considerations.

  • Editorial Cartoon - Feb. 12, 2017