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  • Dispatch New Mexico - Stories in small town newspapers say a lot

    Every weekend, I (or a proxy, if I want the weekend off) go through well over a dozen New Mexico newspapers and their websites in search of compelling stories to send out to subscribers of the Community News Exchange. This weekly column is part of this weekly news-sharing service.

    Sometimes I’m inspired to write this column about one of the stories I read; other times I’ve got something else on my mind. This week, I’ve been inspired by three local stories in particular:

  • Efficiency is a necessity

    With the declining population in Las Vegas and in rural communities throughout the state, it’s not surprising that Las Vegas City Schools is beginning the difficult task of figuring out which schools to shutter.

    Already, it appear that Paul D. Henry Elementary is being eyed for closure, and other schools may not be far behind.

    In its 50-plus years, Paul D. Henry has served generations of students, and we’re saddened by the prospect that the school — which ranks among the district’s best — may be closed.

  • Work of Art: A recipe for fighters

    I didn’t even recognize an old classmate as he rode his bike downtown and called me “Mannie,” which immediately told me I’ve known him since childhood.

    I believe his name is Leo. He told me that though he’d been reading Work of Art for years, he’d never made the connection. Leo said he especially liked “those articles about the fights we all used to have.”

  • Editorial Cartoon - Dec. 11, 2016
  • Climate change

    The following editorial is from The Miami Herald and was originally published on Nov. 19.

    In a way, it’s a shame that President-elect Donald Trump’s resort here is located in Doral, rather than Miami Beach. If his property were closer to the water, we might be able to say: Welcome to our world, Mr. Trump.

  • Another Perspective: Solutions and interventions

    By Arthur Ray Gallegos

  • Just a Thought: Big lessons may be learned from little critters

    By Rick Kraft

    You are sitting outside relaxing and minding your own business when all of a sudden you feel something on your neck.

    You quickly slap at it thinking a fly landed on you and low and behold, when you pull your hand away, you find you have an ant crawling up the back of your neck.

    One thing about ants is that you don’t usually encounter just one. You look at the ground and find a stream of ants marching by you. You jump up and move away yielding your turf to the little critters.

  • Another Perspective: Political parties bash rather than help one another

    By Steve Fischmann

    The election is over, and odds are you’ve figured out that our political parties have been far more concerned with bashing one another than taking care of us.

    Big corporate and financial interests have been funding the battle, and lawmakers have returned the favor by enacting policies that make fat-cat donors fatter. Meanwhile, most of us watch our long-term economic prospects fade. New Mexico poverty is up; growth is down and we suffer the greatest income inequality in the country.